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Trends for 2012 Homes

By HomeCentrl on Jan 25, 2012
Well another year has almost past and we all know it wasn’t a wonderful one for most people in the construction field. Yet it is a good time and step back to what trends you saw in 2011 and what trends you are seeing for the New Year to come. By looking at the potential trends for the coming year you will be in a better position to out pace others and set your company apart as a leader versus a follower.
Home sizes:
The average home size has been shrinking and the days of the McMansion are probably gone due to higher building and energy costs, wage stagnation and trouble throughout the economy. So will the average size of the American home be shrinking further? My opinion would be - Yes. Now if that is true, how will you design the space within those homes  to be the most useful and appealing for the potential owners and from a sales perspective? What are you seeing for homes sizes in your market? How will you downsize the physical home but make it more appealing?

What will next year’s kitchen look like for you? Have you been talking with designers and others within the Kitchen and Bath industry? They have a ground floor view of what is going on and what the trend is there. Will buyers be still looking at granite counter tops or will it be something else? Where and what will be hot in cabinets? Will it be-Whites, natural wood, darks or maybe something else? Identifying these in advance sets you up for better pricing and planning that will allow for better profits too.

Will you be adding more technology for 2012? Our lives have grown more dependent and inter twinned with technology in almost unheard of ways. We rely on daily so what will you be adding to your homes to enhance this? What are people looking for to make their lives easier to function on a daily basis?
Also will your company advance it’s own use of technology such as social media, apps that can be used to show clients 3D presentations on tablets, enhanced communications or other relevant and new products?

Is your company looking for trends in new materials and products? Consumers are looking for products that are sustainable, green and provide a maintenance free performance making their lives easier while also offering long term value. Are you evaluating all your materials from siding, roofing, windows and doors on up to make the choices that consumers will want?

Curb Appeal:
The first thing that a consumer sees is your exterior. How is your house laid out on a lot and what is the landscaping like are key factors that should not be overlooked. We all make split second decisions and choices so when a potential client drives to your home, they will probably have formed an opinion by the time they get out of the car. Is it the one you were hoping for? Could you add or change things to add a wow factor that makes the consumer want to get out and see more?


Energy Efficiency:
Is this the year that you will incorporate more energy efficiency in your homes? Energy is a cost that will become a factor in the overall performance of a home and you could look at it as the estimated MPG of a car. How will your homes rate? Have you added and done everything that makes your homes a standout among others for their energy efficiency by using the best practices available?


I know I asked many  questions in this post but it is you that need to be asking the questions and gaining the answers. Each market is different and individual so you are the one that needs to seek out the trends that will be happening for your area in order to have a successful 2012. I wish I could do that for you but that’s not possible. Only you can do that.

So what trends are you seeing and looking for to become realities in 2012? Are you planning on leading the way or hoping someone else figures it out and then copy them.
I would say be the leader.



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