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Ceiling Water Stain Removal

By Remodelando la Casa on Jan 04, 2013

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Water, water, water! Who doesn't need water? Who doesn't love water? Water is life, that's for sure, but when water gets in our way, and not in the right way, it's simply annoying!

Water came into my bedroom, and at first it was a little spot on the ceiling, so I did nothing. Then after heavy rains some more water stains appeared on the ceiling! I tried to cover them up with paint. Big mistake!


To make matters even worse, after some months went by, some of the sheetrock tape started to get loose! Well, it was time to fix the problem. The first thing we did was call a roofing company to fix the roof leaks.

All the water Hurricane Sandy brought to the area was a good way to prove  that the leaks were repaired, so it was time to fix the problems the water created on the ceiling.

I fixed the loose tape by simply pulling off the damaged piece, sanding the rough area, applying a thin coat of joint compound and placing a new piece of Sheetrock tape over it, before more joint compound was applied to even out the area. Sanding after it dried and applying more compound in areas that had sunken and sanding again. It was similar to what was done to cover the popped nail holes HERE.

This is what I was left with: STAINS.


I used Kilz Max, a water-based primer, sealer, and stain-blocker, which I began applying it to the entire ceiling,


It has some odor that stays in the room for a couple of hours, but opening the windows helps. Eye protection is recommended. I used my clear safety glasses and of course a hat.


I was happy to get rid of those ugly stains!


When the first coat of Kilz Max dried (within an hour), most of the ceiling looked quite perfect, except for the toughest stain the ceiling had, which looked like this:


I waited two hours to apply a new coat to that specific spot. This is how it looked after two coats:


A very faded mark was still there, but I left it like that since paint was still needed.

A coat of Kilz Max was also applied to a deep color stripe I had painted before on the wall . This is how the room looked at the end of the day:


The next day I applied Kilz Stainblocking Ceiling Paint.


Once again I put on my painting uniform and went rolling and rolling! I loved that this time there was no splattering, the odor was minimal, and the fact that the paint changes its color made the process fun.


It is hard to see from the pictures, but it's pink!


It's easy to see where you have painted; it turns white after it dries.


One coat and my ceiling looks FABULOUS! Bye, bye stains.


Disclaimer: Kilz Max and Kilz Stainblocking Ceiling Paint products were sent to me to try out. I have used Kilz products before and I liked how they performed. All the opinions expressed in this post are mine, I was not compensated or swayed to write favorable things about these products.


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