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Two-Tone Yellow Trim Piece with Herringbone Panels

By The How-To Gal on Jul 13, 2012
Walking around my local thrift store, the amazing wood detail on this bureau caught my eye and I was instantly smitten by its gorgeousness. I ran over, snatched it up and was thrilled it fit in my cart. Some might have given up their first-born for it, but the price was a mere 10 bucks. Yes, please. 

The awkward feeling of eyes coveting what is in your cart while perusing the rest of the store is the best!

The piece was in fairly good condition and just needed a few dents and dings filled on the trim. I used Minwax Stainable Wood Filler for the job. The makeover was at a standstill for awhile because I kept debating whether to paint the panels or the trim. In the end, the trim won out. I  decided paint might ruin the look of the amazing herringbone; which was in perfect condition.


After sanding down the wood filler and wiping off all the dust with a rag and Klean-Strip TSP Substitute, I taped off the panels of the dresser with Scotch Blue Edge Lock Tape. I like this better than the normal blue tape because the sticky side is not as texturized and is more like clear tape and less like duct tape.


One layer of Kilz primer applied with a watercolor brush. I've found on small paint areas, my trusty watercolor brush seems to work best. Thank you UVU for the required art credits. Once the primer dried, I then lightly sanded any ridges to have a very smooth finish. That is the trick if you want it really smooth. Always sand after priming!


After the priming came two coats of some leftover mustard yellow paint. Free is always good when it comes to DIY. I tackled the painting like I would when doing a room. I used my watercolor brush to cut into all the cracks and edges and then went over it with a small, foam rollerbrush to get an ultra-smooth finish.

I love the two-tone look of the wood and yellow trim. 

What do you think? Are you liking beautiful, wood grain mixed with a pop of color?




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