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Awesome Doghouse

By DIYnot on Nov 10, 2011



This is just plain awesome. It’s a doghouse, made of reclaimed wood scavenged from Dumpsters with a garden on top.

It’s a doghouse with a rooftop garden.

“Garden House,” by Kirstin M., was the “Creative Prize Winner” at an event in Savannah, GA, benefiting the local Humane Society and Emergent Structures, which a rather Unconsumption-y effort based in Savannah and connected to SCAD. (More on the event here.)

There was a live/silent auction, and you can see the other entrants here. I can’t believe somebody snagged this for a mere $75! Lucky dog…

More: Creative Prize Winner – Dog. « Material Realizations

Matt was just telling me about how he wants to use the wood he has left over / disassembled from other projects create some kind of covered area in the back yard with a garden on the roof.  The covered area would be for the dogs and for us.  I suggested that the roof consist partially of garden space and partially windows to the sky.  

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