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Wait What, We're in The New York Times?!

By Picardy Project on Nov 07, 2012

I shall interrupt my regularly scheduled programming (negativity about the floors and I still need to finish up the renovation roadtrip posts), but I just thought this was too exciting to not share...

Chris and I are in the New York Times!!!


Isn't that so cool!? You can check out the article here.

We knew before we went on the trip that there was a chance that we would be interviewed when we got back, but I was nervous because you never know what other stories people find and maybe they didn't think we'd be cool enough. But sure enough, while we were driving around and working on everyone's houses we were emailing away trying to schedule a good time to get the interview in. And while we drove back from Portland on the very last day of the trip we pulled over on the side of the road and took a call from the New York Times!

You want to know something super embarrassing that made me feel so stupid? My phone was being terrible and dropped our phone call with our wonderful journalist Maria Newman TWICE. Yes, not once, but twice. Oh my god, I was mortified. But she was so nice and awesome and was very understanding. Phew, we didn't get fired! :)

It was supposed to publish last week, but then Sandy hit. I was so glad to hear from Maria that she and her house were safe and sound. She really was great to talk to and we had a really fun phone call with her, so Chris and I were happy to hear that she and her husband had withstood the storm and were still standing, nice as ever!

I gotta admit, it was a pretty cool experience and the email I wrote back to her yesterday afternoon when she let me know the story published may have contained 9 exclamation points. And no, that's not an exaggeration. And then I sent it to my whole family because I was just so damn tickled. I felt pretty proud of us. Hooray!

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