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Putting Up Walls in Our Bathroom

By Picardy Project on Dec 18, 2012

Well, I guess we always had "walls" in the bathroom, but something about drywall and Wonderboard going up always make it seem real. The process had already begun a few weeks ago but had stalled at this point:


With Chris having made serious progress on the rough plumbing and rough electrical, it was time to get more Wonderboard and drywall up.

Of course, we decided to start with the most difficult part first: the ceiling.

Chris and I like to use the least amount of pieces as possible so that there is less mud, tape, and texture when the job is done.

This meant we had to bring in a piece of drywall that was 4' wide and over 7' long—the exact width of the room. Lifting that in place, shifting, and cursing was not easy. But as I held one end in place, Chris got his end drilled in. Then he came over and drilled in the other end...


Ugg, my arms hurt again just thinking about it.

Once the piece was in place, the roto zip came out. Chris had already marked the center point of each of the lights...


... so zipping out the drywall was easy


It was at this moment that we forgot the venting for the fan needed to be insulated, so it made a fun job for Chris


After the venting was insulated, we repeated the process and put up the other piece of drywall to finish off the ceiling.

The nice thing was that this piece was much more narrow, so it wasn't as heavy. But we did have to lift and put it in place a couple times, because it was just a hair too tight.

And then Chris zipped out the holes for the third light and the fan/light


Once that was done, the framing for the area around the recessed medicine cabinet got ripped out and redone



And then, while I was redoing the insulation, Chris rigged up some lights so that it wasn't a cave in there anymore


It's not my finest insulation work (I like putting in insulation, because it's like a puzzle), but I was reusing the insulation that used to be in these stud bays, so it had been through a lot at this point.

We really wanted this wall to be insulated, because it shares a wall with the Animal Room (Cashew's future room). We wanted to try to make things as quiet as possible for her.

And then more Wonderboard went up


The Wonderboard goes up wherever there is tiling. So throughout the entire bathroom, it's going up at least 5' on the walls (in the shower area, it goes up to the ceiling).

The rest of the bathroom has green board (or purple board), which is drywall that is suited for wet areas (of course it's not exposed to being wet, it just has properties in it that help contribute to it not molding).

And then on Sunday when I came home from work at the Raiders (the last home game of the season, so now I'll be home on weekends!) I saw this progress



Awesome! The only downer is that now we can't enter the room as easily through the framed-in wall. We may actually have to start using the door soon. I know, gasp :)

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