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What a Difference a Switch Makes

By DIYnot on Dec 19, 2011

Our living room was kinda dark in the corner where our new corner sofa lives.  

regolit-pendant-lamp-shade__63004_PE1702We bought this lamp from Ikea because we liked it, it would require no wiring to install, and the price was right at $5 for the Regolit shade and $4 for the Hemma cord. It was easy to put together, and I hung it from a hook that was already in the ceiling.  We’ve left that hook there because it seems to be supported from above by some bracket, and we never felt like going into the attic to deal with it. Throw in a CFL bulb we already had, and it was ready to go.  The only problem is that the $4 Hemma cord doesn’t have a switch.  That means you either have to plug it in to an outlet that is controlled by a wall switch, or if you’re not lucky enough to have such an outlet, you just have to plug it in every time you want to turn it on and unplug it every time you want to turn it off.  That is not convenient.  Matt attempted to rectify that situation by plugging the cord into a timer, but I can’t be held to a schedule when it comes to lighting.  

Matt was hitting Home Depot for some lumber for his mantel project, and I asked him to pick me up a switch.  When he got home with this


I was excited, but Matt complained that at almost $4, the switch had increased the cost of the light fixture by almost 50%.  It was worth it though.  I spliced it into the Hemma cord according to the directions.  It was about the easiest wiring job I’ve met so far, though not the quickest.  I wrapped some white electric tape around the neutral wire to make up for having just slightly nicked its insulation when I removed the outer insulation from the cord using a utility knife.  



Once the screws were tight and secure, I put the cover on the switch.  Now the light is hanging again and plugged in, the switch works perfectly, and I am very pleased with this mini electrical project.  The convenience is well worth the extra $4 and a little bit of my time.




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