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Window Blinds for the Family Prudes

By 86'n It on Jan 16, 2013

I grew up with one neighbor. One.

And our houses were far apart.

We didn't close blinds in our house. Heck, for the most part, we didn't have blinds.

Marc grew up in Detroit and then in the suburbs.

He knows his way around a vertical blind if you know what I mean.

(Um, I'm not even sure what I mean.)




1: Frosting Only for Exhibitionists

2: Roman Bug Catcher

3: Moldy Fabric Square

First: In the bathroom I originally wanted to just frost the lower pane and call it a day.

Marc insisted on some covering for the upper half (for the rare instance someone is on the neighbor's roof AND you are in the shower. Prude Patrol Alert).

Second: there was the Ikea roman shade that collected bugs in its folds. Ew.

Third: came the DIY fabric square that grew an interesting black mildew-y spot.

Finally: I decided to do a store-bought (gasp) solution:

2" white faux wood blinds inside-mounted. Revolutionary, right?


Much better, right? While I'd still prefer nothing, this is pretty acceptable.

(I still have to remove the hardware from the old treatments.)

I got the blinds at Home Depot for $23.50. Link here. I highly recommend shortening them and removing the extra horizontals. It is a pain but looks SO much better. (Instructions included in packaging.)


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