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Applying Heat-Control Window Film

By Joy2Journey on Jun 13, 2012
Remember ? ... this past weekend? ... Man was out working hard out in the HOT, HOT weather? My job was bringing him ice water to keep him cool? But I was not slacking! I was inside putting window film on my 5 dining room windows. (Yes, In air conditioning)

Mr Man did not want to cover up the dining room windows and I was at my wits end on what to do with these windows. The sun's light pours in through these windows and not only does it get hot but I don't want colors to fade inside from the intense sunlight.

I happened to be roaming the isles of Lowe's (it is like a candy store to me!!!) and came across this window film {click here} . It ... reflects the sun, helps retain heat during the winter, prevents fading, and Mr Man can still have an unblocked view outside. Win - Win!


It comes in different degrees of color and I picked "Platinum" for my windows. I bought the one that looks most like the upper right hand window pane in the picture above. Before I show you the photos that I took along the way, I need to confess that this is part of my New Year's Resolution. To "finish" projects this year. I bought and started this last summer but finished it this past Sunday. Embarrassed to have to admit that? Just a little, but today I read Addicted 2 Decorating's Blog on "I'm a starter not a finisher" and realized I am not alone. I am human with some flaws but I have GOALS, and that is important too :) 

I got this far last year ...


The two windows in the middle are done and you can see the view difference is very slight. It does have a slight reflection of things inside.


I used Windex to clean the windows, measured the windows + 1 extra inch, cut the film, used the window film application solution, and squeegee. Those are directions in the photo and yes, I followed them to a tee! I took my time to make sure I did not leave any air bubbles. Best if you have two people but doable with just me. 


Mr Man has a Thermal Leak Detector gun that detects surface temperatures. (He is a gadget man!) There was a 10 - 12 degree difference in the window panes that had it and the ones that did not. Amazing!!!!


Stink! I finished the windows but never took an after! Really? I got so busy keeping Mr Man cool that I forgot something that important!!! What a good wifey I am :) I also put together this higher seat for Miss Precious as I sold her high chair on Craigs list.  I bought this one at Costco. 


My dining room needs a little something to make it stand out. It is boring to me right now. If you have any ideas to share I am listening. If I use your suggestion, I will credit you in the post and link it to your blog. I love to give credit where credit is due! This is what it looks like now ...


Hugs and happy Wednesday,

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