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Make Your Own Wine Cork Magnet Planters

By it all started with paint on May 28, 2013


My less-than-stellar track record with plants has been well documented here. On the blog. I’ve even resorted to making paper flowers.

But now that area nurseries are stocked with annuals … and those mini nurseries have popped up in the Menards and Jewel parking lots … I’m getting a bit anxious. And not just because I haven’t tended to the garden yet.

And that makes it sound like I know what I’m doing. “Tended to the garden.” Like I putter around with trimming shears and rubber boots and a big giant hat to protect my ivory skin from the sun’s harsh rays, daintily cutting blooms to display in the foyer (yeah, I don’t have a foyer in which to display my prize-winning blooms).

No. My gardening routine includes me in paint-splattered capris and flip flops with a haphazard pony tail and dirty fingernails, bent over with a spade and that fork-looking thing, trying to dig up indestructible dandelions roots ... the only thing I seem to be able to successfully grow in my garden.

So before I make the full commitment and pick up those flats of impatiens and geraniums and spikey-looking plant things (see what a horticultural expert I am?), I thought I’d start small …

as in really small …

and I mean really, really, really small.

With some wine corks! And those purportedly hard-to-kill, alien-looking succulents.

Step 1. The fun part: Drink some wine and save the corks.

wine-cork-as-magnet-planter step 1

Step 2. Gather your supplies. You’ll need wine corks, a glue gun, magnets, a steak knife, and plants. I used hardy – and hard to kill — succulents, since I’ve got a bit of a plant-killing reputation.

wine-cork-as-magnet-planter step 2

Step 3. Using a steak knife, core out centers of the corks. Start by putting tip in center of cork and turning knife in a circular motion. Just make sure you don’t go all the way through; stop about ¾ of the way down.

wine-cork-as-magnet-planter step 3

Step 4. Use glue gun to affix magnets. Note: once plants are planted, the cork will be much heavier. Depending on the strength of your magnet, you made need to affix more than one to handle the added weight.

wine-cork-as-magnet-planter step 4

Step 5. Add soil.

wine-cork-as-magnet-planter step 5

Step 6. Add plants. Use a ¼ teaspoon measure spoon to add dirt and pack down. Drizzle with water.

wine-cork-as-magnet-planter step 6

Step 7. Stick to a metal surface …

wine-cork-magnet-planters-tutorial-how to

and …

Step 8.Join hands with me and pray for their survival…

Winking smile


* This tutorial originally appeared on Buzzfeed *

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