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Amy McCarter

We built a home using as many reclaimed materials as possible, to make our new home look old. We hope you'll stop by our rustic dream!

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furniture, repurposing

Dining Room Table: The "Finally" Edition

By Amy McCarter on Oct 26, 2012

We’ve been in the house for about, oh, 5 months now and have just had a giant gaping hole where the dining room set up should have been.   We sold our other set knowing that we... Continue reading


Fireplace Pillars

By Amy McCarter on Sep 27, 2012

We did just a little updating in the living room a couple weekends ago.  I’ve shown you our fireplace before. D did all that rock all by himself!  Still just blows my mind.  Anyway, we... Continue reading

windows, bedrooms

Best $15 I Ever Spent

By Amy McCarter on Jun 27, 2012

We were so anxious to get moved into the house that we sort of neglected a few key items.  Namely, window coverings.  It wasn’t a big deal for most of the house since we don’t have any... Continue reading


Support Your Local Kitchen Counter

By Amy McCarter on Jun 20, 2012

When our granite was being installed, the granite guys had a bit of an accident and we ended up with a crack in our island. See? Nah, neither can I.  They did a good job... Continue reading

construction, masonry


By Amy McCarter on Jun 08, 2012

We hired out all the exterior mason work, but to save a little lot of dough, D decided to do the fireplace himself. Even though he’d never done it before! He started late on Saturday night... Continue reading

construction, deck patio & porch

Decks and Goats and Stuff

By Amy McCarter on May 30, 2012

D: Hey Nate.  I know we were going to pour a concrete patio off this here bedroom, but lookie what I found – more deck building material!  Whatcha say we build us another deck instead?... Continue reading

repurposing, lighting

You Light Up My Life

By Amy McCarter on Apr 24, 2012

Yesterday, I mentioned that I had a fun outdoor surprise to show you.  But then the boys worked late last night and it turns out I have all sorts of fun things to show you!... Continue reading


Concrete, Y’all.

By Amy McCarter on Apr 23, 2012

But Bob the Builder and the fellas were hard at it all weekend, and made some great progress. Wanted to show you the concrete they poured and stamped real quick. This, obviously is the landing pad... Continue reading

woodworking, repurposing, kitchen

Building an Applewood & Cedar Kitchen Island

By Amy McCarter on Apr 17, 2012

D is one of the most handy fellas I’ve ever encountered.  I liked it so I put a ring on it. He pretty thoroughly remodeled his house before we sold it last year, and I... Continue reading


His & Hers Bathroom, Starring Soapstone Tub Surround

By Amy McCarter on Apr 16, 2012

…But not quite there. However, we got some important steps accomplished in the past week. Carpet was installed. Junior’s room. Guest room. The same color went in the master bedroom, but I neglected to take... Continue reading