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Bj Hoover

A DIY'er who loves changing her home into something beautiful AND creative while saving money! Come join me on my Journey and let's learn together :)

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Easy DIY: End Table Tutorial

By Bj Hoover on Jan 05, 2014

I am creating a small space (a corner) in my bedroom to read, so I removed the armoire from the corner of the room. (It made it as far as the hallway as it is... Continue reading

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5 Easy Steps to a DIY Garden Gate

By Bj Hoover on Jun 16, 2013

I am not sure when or where I learned to make gates but … they are so very easy! This gate literally took me a half hour from start to finish … once I assembled... Continue reading


DIY Mudroom Makeover

By Bj Hoover on Feb 20, 2013

My mudroom has been a process! It has been interrupted by holidays, events, and quite frankly a lack of motivation. The mudroom seating and organization in the old new closet was finally finished this weekend...... Continue reading


DIY Closet Reading Nook

By Bj Hoover on Jan 01, 2013

The Reading Nook was finished by Christmas Eve! I have had so many of you wondering if I finished and if Miss Precious liked it …  She did!!!! For those of you who want to... Continue reading

woodworking, diy

DIY Reading Nook: Construction Begins!

By Bj Hoover on Dec 09, 2012

Don’t you just love how when you are working on a project, it starts to take shape just the way that you imagined? That is how it is for me right now. We left the... Continue reading

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Applying Heat-Control Window Film

By Bj Hoover on Jun 13, 2012

Remember ? ... this past weekend? ... Man was out working hard out in the HOT, HOT weather? My job was bringing him ice water to keep him cool? But I was not slacking! I was inside... Continue reading


How To: Plant... Planters!

By Bj Hoover on Apr 30, 2012

I was fortunate, a few years ago, to attend "The Renegade Gardener" seminar on "how to plant your planters." Don Engebretson is amazing to listen to, and of course he really knows his stuff! So... Continue reading