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Cher-Ann Texter

I am a draftsman, crafter, DIY-er, and mom. I love being able to create and want to help others create as much as possible!

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lighting, how to, diy

How To: Make a Lamp from a Wine Bottle

By Cher-Ann Texter on May 24, 2012

This is not the typical 70s wine bottle lamp… There are tons of awesome liquor bottles out there, not that I’m in the habit of hanging out at the liquor store (really, I’m not), but... Continue reading

woodworking, how to

How To: Build Table Legs or Posts from 2x4s

By Cher-Ann Texter on May 12, 2012

  A couple of posts ago, I mentioned my friends, Chris and Elizabeth, who had an awesome idea using 2×4 lumber to make posts. I love this idea and decided to make the legs for... Continue reading

woodworking, diy

Building Picture Frames with Scrap Wood

By Cher-Ann Texter on May 08, 2012

As I was poking around in my scrap pile the other day, I came across a few good pieces of oak. Since I built the frames for mirrors and a cork board, why not build... Continue reading

diy, how to, deck patio & porch

How To: Make a Wine Bottle Torch

By Cher-Ann Texter on Apr 26, 2012

I know, there are tons of sites with this exact same subject. I went to one and thought,”Wow, this is cool! I want to make some!”.  I even saw one site where they made vases... Continue reading

walls, paint

Painting the Walls in the Living Room

By Cher-Ann Texter on Apr 23, 2012

A few years ago, I painted the walls in my living room a color called “Natural Bark”. I used the Colorplace brand (from Walmart) of interior semi-gloss paint and at the time, was thrilled with... Continue reading