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Susan Mathison

Inspired, vintage, rustic, country style. I am a folk artist, avid DIY'er, cake-decorator, quilt-maker and all-around handy-woman. I never met a craft project I didn't like-well, at least not yet!

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DIY Tales: Refurbishing an Antique Table

By Susan Mathison on Mar 13, 2014

This week's DIY project is a turn-of-the-century table Coach had stashed in the barn. At first, it was pretty beat up, lacking polish (and pizazz), and missing a finial in the base. It was manufactured... Continue reading

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DIY Tales: Painting a Vintage Cabinet

By Susan Mathison on Mar 25, 2014

Another DIY project for the summer porch (if it ever gets above freezing around here so we can actually use the porch). This is the before, one of those old tin wall cabinets that someone... Continue reading

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DIY Tales: Converting a Deck to into a Screened-In Porch

By Susan Mathison on Feb 26, 2014

Last year Coach and I converted our deck into a screened-in porch, which was absolutely awesome. No more buggy nights, or rainy afternoons when we couldn’t use the deck for anything other than furniture storage! Since we had decorated it with quite a few pieces of antique wicker, I decided to “shrink-wrap” it to prevent any winter weather from ruining our newest addition. Continue reading

diy, furniture, paint

DIY Tales: Colonial Country Cupboard

By Susan Mathison on Feb 25, 2014

Last summer, Coach and I took a long weekend trip to Bethel, Maine for a bit of golf and R & R. Well, I should say R & S (Rest and Shopping) as we did... Continue reading

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DIY Tales: Vintage Butcher Block Table

By Susan Mathison on Jan 14, 2014

Yet another DIY project to share. This butcher block table was actually in two pieces-the bottom had been kicking around the barn loft for the past 15-20 years, and the top was a throw-away Coach... Continue reading

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DIY Tales: Antiqued Mirror on the Wall

By Susan Mathison on Jan 30, 2014

Who’s the fairest (and most rustic, vintage and gorgeous!) of them all? This mirror was another “throw-away” Coach found “somewhere”. I don’t ask anymore. It’s like a magic cupboard-I need something, I open up the... Continue reading

diy, furniture, paint

DIY Tales: LOVE-ingly Restored Hope Chest

By Susan Mathison on Feb 08, 2014

Back when I was a little girl, hope chests were a thing. The only company I was aware of that built them was Lane-they made cedar hope chests in different furniture styles as the trends... Continue reading

diy, decor

DIY Tales: "America the Beautiful" Map

By Susan Mathison on Feb 20, 2014

DIY Tutorial: Creating a Rustic, Colorful Scrap US Map. Continue reading


DIY Tales: Rustic Vintage Rolling Bar Cart

By Susan Mathison on Feb 12, 2014

DIY Tutorial- Rescuing and Restoring and Reloving an old hardware store cabinet into a Rustic Rolling Bar Cart. Continue reading