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Dana Miller

Hey. I’m Dana. Ten years ago I had life all figured out. I was going to marry my college boyfriend, become a pharmacist, make good money, pop out two kids and live happily ever after. Well, I did do all those things. Turns out my college boyfriend makes a good Handy Hubby {HH}, my respectable day job sucks all inspiration out of me, making good money isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, those manageable two kids multiplied into three {oops!}, and I’m still working on my happily ever after. Somewhere between updating our starter Cape Cod and de-buildering our boring builder basic {i.e. our second home}, I discovered a passion for interior design and HH got really good at using power tools. We fell in love with all things house and home. Then we did the unthinkable. We ditched our McMansion in exchange for a small, dilapidated 1950’s ranch complete with termite trails in the original shag carpeting. We’ve deemed it The Underdog. It’s not our dream house but, rather, the house in which to pursue our dreams. Follow us as we tweak our Underdog into a bona fide stylish family home and chase some dreams. There are likely to be messes, mistakes, and miracles along the way!

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diy, seasonal

Easy DIY: The Simplest Fall Wreath

By Dana Miller on Oct 04, 2013

I don’t do a ton of holiday decorations. I can’t justify spending time and money on something{s} that will only be displayed for thirty days and I don’t like how gussied up some decorations make... Continue reading

diy, furniture

DIY Hinged Drawer

By Dana Miller on Sep 04, 2013

Remember the dresser I found on craigslist a while back? It’s been chillin’ in a corner of our bedroom while we brainstorm what to do with it. All of mine and HH’s clothes are stored... Continue reading

diy, maintenance, kitchen, countertops

Sealing Our Granite Countertops

By Dana Miller on Aug 19, 2013

We have two different countertop materials in our kitchen. The island is topped with walnut and the perimeter countertops are kashmir white granite. I love the mix and the contrast. We had a similar setup... Continue reading


Falling in Love with the Antlers in My Kitchen

By Dana Miller on Jul 25, 2013

Notice something? Hint: the title of this post is a HUGE giveaway. Bam. Antlers. In the kitchen no less. I know they aren’t for everyone, but I love them. Many of my favorite design crushes... Continue reading

deck patio & porch, cleaning

Cleaning the Grill That Couldn't Be Cleaned

By Dana Miller on Jun 20, 2013

Every year for Father’s Day I clean something of HH’s that he normally doesn’t clean and thus is quite disgusting. Usually, it’s the inside of his why-won’t-you-die 15-year-old truck. This year it was his grill.... Continue reading

diy, paint

DIY Room Update with Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper

By Dana Miller on Apr 09, 2013

Some of you noticed the black and white horizontal wall stripes in the boys’ bedroom. Good eye! Would you believe the striped accent wall is the result of peel-and-stick wallpaper? Well, it is. The boys’... Continue reading

diy, decor

One Coffee Table, Three Ways

By Dana Miller on Mar 27, 2013

I bought a new coffee table. Technically, it’s a bench but the proportions were right. Our previous coffee table was almost five years old. It was West Elm and I found it at a Pottery... Continue reading

diy, decor

Easy DIY Frame Hanging: No Nails or Tape Measure Required

By Dana Miller on Mar 01, 2013

A cinder block wall in the mudroom and sleeping munchkins in their beds forced us to give 3M Command hanging strips a try. I’m not gonna lie. I was leery. But it’s been nearly two... Continue reading


Scratching an Itch: DIY Cement Pour

By Dana Miller on Feb 07, 2013

I posted this image of HH on instagram a few days ago with the caption “scratching an itch.” The image and caption caused some confusion/hilarious comments. HH is not literally scratching an itch. The gutted... Continue reading

decor, kids

Designing a "Bunk Bed Hideout" for Boys

By Dana Miller on Feb 03, 2013

Remember my initial mood board for the boys’ shared bedroom? Let me jog your memory… You can read more about it here. Or you could save your time and forget it. Because things have changed.... Continue reading