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Dana Miller

Hey. I’m Dana. Ten years ago I had life all figured out. I was going to marry my college boyfriend, become a pharmacist, make good money, pop out two kids and live happily ever after. Well, I did do all those things. Turns out my college boyfriend makes a good Handy Hubby {HH}, my respectable day job sucks all inspiration out of me, making good money isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, those manageable two kids multiplied into three {oops!}, and I’m still working on my happily ever after. Somewhere between updating our starter Cape Cod and de-buildering our boring builder basic {i.e. our second home}, I discovered a passion for interior design and HH got really good at using power tools. We fell in love with all things house and home. Then we did the unthinkable. We ditched our McMansion in exchange for a small, dilapidated 1950’s ranch complete with termite trails in the original shag carpeting. We’ve deemed it The Underdog. It’s not our dream house but, rather, the house in which to pursue our dreams. Follow us as we tweak our Underdog into a bona fide stylish family home and chase some dreams. There are likely to be messes, mistakes, and miracles along the way!

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Honest Mondays: Repainting

By Dana Miller on Nov 05, 2012

Truth: I repainted the mudroom…or dining room…or laundry room. Whatever you want to call it. Here it is back before we moved in just as HH was finishing up the tile… We painted it Benjamin... Continue reading


All Lit Up: LED Exterior Downlighting

By Dana Miller on Oct 25, 2012

Ever since I can remember I’ve always had a weird obsession with peeking in people’s homes at night. Okay, that sounds weird. But it’s not the people I’m looking at. I’m looking at the house.... Continue reading

decor, paint, flooring, diy

DIY Painted Rug

By Dana Miller on Oct 17, 2012

Curious about the fate of the IKEA rug that I pulled from the boys’ room? Bada-boom… Bada-bing… I gave him a makeover and a new place to live. This must be what it feels like... Continue reading

remodeling, diy

Never Seen Before 'Befores' and 'Afters'

By Dana Miller on Oct 13, 2012

Sometimes HH and I get overwhelmed, discouraged and even struck with fear when looking at the long list of things left to do on our Underdog. Especially when many of the projects are right here... Continue reading

landscaping, deck patio & porch

Up to My Eyeballs in Mud

By Dana Miller on Oct 09, 2012

Breaking news: it’s extremely wet and muddy here. We quickly went from excavated desert to mud hole. There’s mud in our yard. Mud in our driveway. Mud in our garage. Mud in our house. Mud... Continue reading

decor, diy

I’ll Take It

By Dana Miller on Oct 05, 2012

So you know how I’ve been searching for a stool for my desk in the kitchen? Well, it found me this week. It’s eerily similar to these but with metal legs instead. Total coincidence. It... Continue reading

storage, kitchen

Organizing the Kitchen Desk

By Dana Miller on Sep 27, 2012

I’m finally getting little snippets of time to tackle a few smaller projects around the house. Everything is taking me about ten times longer than it should with two kids and a baby around. This... Continue reading


Our Wood Floors

By Dana Miller on Sep 26, 2012

I get a lot of emails asking how we’re liking the engineered hardwood we installed in the majority of the house. I haven’t been avoiding the questions. I just wanted to live with the floors... Continue reading


Curb Appall

By Dana Miller on Sep 18, 2012

Truth: It’s Tuesday. I’m a day behind on Honest Mondays this week. It could have something to do with this. The underground internet cable was disconnected for obvious reasons. Truth: We hired someone to excavate... Continue reading

architecture, interior design

Tweak Peek: Heather & Win’s NOLA Cottage

By Dana Miller on Sep 13, 2012

I’m about to show you a house tour. Don’t peek! First, I need to tell you how this came about. A few months ago, I blogged about my affection for fig trees. Many of you... Continue reading