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How To: Live in a 250 Square Foot Apartment

By Ian Rebello on Apr 09, 2013

Christian Schallert has a great sense of taste and knows what he wants when it comes to a space. Living in Barcelona is not an easy feat when your space is under 300 square feet... Continue reading


Tiny Garage Converted To A 250 Square Foot Home

By Ian Rebello on Apr 02, 2013

Michelle de la Vega took it upon herself to make an old and neglected garage into a home of her own. It’s not a very large garage, but the 250 square feet that she’s made... Continue reading

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Collapsible Log Chair Takes Upcycling to the Extreme

By Ian Rebello on Mar 27, 2013

Reuse, reduce, recycle– that’s what we’re taught. So with so much of our building materials causing excess waste from our forests and beyond, Architecture Uncomfortable Workshop found a way to help alleviate that. Their “Waste... Continue reading


Cottage by Gray Organschi Architecture

By Ian Rebello on Mar 22, 2013

We want to live in this hip, functional guest house more than we’d like to admit. Though it's a small space, Gray Organschi Architecture has designed an ideal guest setting, one that would even make... Continue reading


Stone Creek Camp Residence by Andersson-Wise Architects

By Ian Rebello on Mar 20, 2013

Located in Bigfork, MT, the Stone Creek Camp Residence can be more or less described as a compound. Consisting of a master house, guest house, and lodge, this property is sprawling and filled with rustic,... Continue reading


Floating Teepee by William Woodbridge

By Ian Rebello on Mar 13, 2013

Surely small residences are the norm for many, but what about floating homes? Or teepee houses? For Australian university student William Woodbridge, all of the above are the norm, thanks to the home that he... Continue reading


Sauna Box by Castor

By Ian Rebello on Mar 08, 2013

Sauna relaxation is a beautifully calming ritual that can be difficult to come by if you don’t own one yourself, or if you have to trek to your local gym or spa. Castor’s great design... Continue reading


Green Box Renovation by act_romegialli

By Ian Rebello on Mar 07, 2013

Repurposed buildings may be the future of sustainable design, and this garage renovation-turned-home is the perfect example of why this could be the case. Set up in Italy, act_romegialli took the existing space, camouflaged it... Continue reading


Cabin on Flathead Lake by Andersson-Wise Architects

By Ian Rebello on Mar 06, 2013

Andersson-Wise Architects designed the Cabin on Flathead Lake as a quiet retreat on the water’s edge. Located in Montana, this small residence sits partly on the “Matterhorn” cliff and is surrounded by enormous trees and... Continue reading


Glass-Roof Yurt by Mickey Muennig

By Ian Rebello on Mar 01, 2013

Classic designs are so often the ones that inspire innovation for the future. New design—whether it be architecture, furniture, industrial design or something similar—stems from design history. As non-traditional dwellings like tiny houses, yurts, and... Continue reading