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The Southern House by Fergus Scott Architects

By Ian Rebello on Feb 27, 2013

Titled “The Southern House” and known as “Brow of The Hill” (slightly resembling an eyebrow), this Australian home is truly breathtaking. No matter what you call it, Fergus Scott Architects hit the nail on the... Continue reading


Zen Barn by Christopher Simmonds Architecture

By Ian Rebello on Feb 21, 2013

When thinking of complete tranquility and zen-like qualities, we doubt that the word “barn” comes to mind. After seeing this amazing home by Christopher Simmonds Architecture, you will probably think a little different. Not only... Continue reading


Maracana House by Terra E Tuma Architects

By Ian Rebello on Feb 20, 2013

Terra E Tuma Architects in Brazil have created an amazing bachelor-style residence in Sao Paulo called the Maracana House. The home is built of concrete blocks with large openings for the dark metal-framed glazing. The... Continue reading


Art Barn by Robert Young

By Ian Rebello on Feb 15, 2013

Art gallery-style homes are far and few between, but this Connecticut home Robert Young is a great example of art installations in a home being done right. Complete with 10,000 square feet of display and... Continue reading


Fingal Residence by JAM Architects

By Ian Rebello on Feb 08, 2013

Reclaimed wood of all shapes, sizes, and stains outfit this Victoria, Australia home, making a stunning, expansive space that stands among the rugged hills near the water. JAM Architects were the masterminds behind this residence... Continue reading


Wilkinson Residence by Robert Oshatz

By Ian Rebello on Feb 06, 2013

Homes that exist within nature typically stand out against the organic grain of the ecosystem, or they are small and plain structures that don’t make much noise visually. Well, with Robert Oshatz's Wilkinson Residence, it's... Continue reading


Storm Cottage by Feanor Hay

By Ian Rebello on Feb 04, 2013

The "Storm Cottage" from Feanor Hay is the perfect place to take shelter during one of New Zealand’s rainy days. Though it’s simply a dark timber box on the exterior, there’s more than meets the... Continue reading


Shoal Bay Beach Home by Parsonson Architects

By Ian Rebello on Feb 01, 2013

Parsonson Architects designed this amazing rural contemporary style home that’s got a bit of a raw edge to it. Sited on the East Coast of New Zealand, this spacious residence sits just along the shore... Continue reading

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Swedish Home by Jimmy Schönning

By Ian Rebello on Jan 31, 2013

Sweden is standardly synonymous with Scandinavian design and the birch woods, minimal furnishings, and whatever wood accessories that are local to the area. Jimmy Schönning is the creative eye behind the set of his own... Continue reading


Pop-Up Shipping Container Hotel by Geoffrey Stampaert

By Ian Rebello on Jan 29, 2013

There’s nothing more exciting and comforting when traveling than setting up at your favorite hotel chain, or on the other side of the spectrum– trying something completely outside of the box. With the “Sleeping Around”... Continue reading