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Prefab 'Bunkie' by 608 Design Studio

By Ian Rebello on Jan 25, 2013

Prefab structures just get better and better. The amazing thing about a prefabricated home or room is that you can customize it the way you want it before it even hits your property. Evan Bare... Continue reading


Rome Residence by Fung + Blatt Architecture

By Ian Rebello on Jan 24, 2013

Los Angeles is known for the trendy, hipster spots, fashion forward people and plenty of contemporary homes. This hip and mid-century modern inspired home is located in L.A. and has a ton of understated style... Continue reading


Losa Loft by Aidlin Darling Design

By Ian Rebello on Jan 23, 2013

1,500 square feet is considered a relatively large loft for the city of San Francisco, and with Aidlin Darling Design’s latest remodel of the Mission District home, it looks even larger, lighter, and brighter. The... Continue reading


Wonderwall Residence by SO? Architects

By Ian Rebello on Jan 22, 2013

It’s hard to envision a home that lacks four walls and additional doors from the outside in. But what if your home was located in a warm, tropical climate and had just enough privacy to... Continue reading


Upcycled Port-a-Bach Container Home by Atelierworkshop

By Ian Rebello on Jan 18, 2013

Upcycled materials and pieces are a wonderful way to incorporate already used building materials and finishes. When there’s a way to create a home and its shell completely out of recycled items, it rarely happens;... Continue reading


A Dream Home for Cats by Asahi Kasei

By Ian Rebello on Jan 15, 2013

Plus-Nyan from Asahi Kasei is a cat’s dream residence, the perfect place for homeowners to share with their furry feline friends. Though it may not be everyone’s ideal space, the details make for a space... Continue reading


Arado House by Alchemy Architects

By Ian Rebello on Jan 13, 2013

Factory-built prefab homes aren’t for everybody, but for the buyers of the weeHome from Alchemy Architects, such residences are the perfect solution to minimizing footprint and going green. The 336 square foot prefab solution titled... Continue reading


Hobbit House by Archer & Buchanan Architects

By Ian Rebello on Jan 09, 2013

The huge interest in stories and movies like "The Hobbit" has steadily grown over the years, inspiring other works of art and even chicken coops, all based off the Tolkien stories. One family in Pennsylvania... Continue reading


Pasture Project by Imbue Design

By Ian Rebello on Dec 27, 2012

A home that’s way up in the frigid Mt. Olympus climate is one that’s got to withstand a whole lot. Imbue Design was the firm behind the master planning of this Salt Lake home, which... Continue reading


Boat’s House by MHM Architects

By Ian Rebello on Dec 14, 2012

Some might argue that it’s to the point of obsession when your boats have their own home. But when you’ve got an investment to protect from the harsh weather and other conditions, it seems completely... Continue reading