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Tales of an Interior Stylist

Julea Joseph

As the new generation of designer, - An Interior Stylist : Follow the adventures of Julea as she shares, uncovers and discovers tantalizing tips, innovative insight, and the latest fabulous finds in Home Staging, Interior Decorating and Design!

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Back to Basics: Staging Tips to Make Your House Buyer-Ready

By Julea Joseph on Mar 06, 2014

My adventures in my business are never expected. The other night I had a few home staging evaluations back to back – The final at seven in the evening. I don’t set many evening appointments,... Continue reading

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Making a First Impression When Selling a Home

By Julea Joseph on Feb 28, 2014

I've been helping people prepare and package their home now for 15 years as a home stager and stylist. Your home is the most expensive thing you’ve ever bought, so if you are selling –... Continue reading

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Don’t Scare Potential Buyers Away When Selling

By Julea Joseph on Oct 17, 2013

Yes, Halloween is just around the corner and we’re all feeling the spirit of the season, but you may not realize that it’s your home that is scary! You may think your stuff is wonderful.... Continue reading

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DIY Art on the Cheap: Wallpaper and Walgreens

By Julea Joseph on Jul 31, 2013

Time constraints can be a gift. It’s amazing what you can drum up when in a jam. I sometimes do my best thinking at four in the morning. I had a busy day ahead, with... Continue reading

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Seduce the Perfect Home Buyer With Home Staging

By Julea Joseph on Jun 16, 2013

A business associate and I were talking the other day about what nice clients she has. Most people would say it's luck that she has great clients; I disagree. Nice people attract nice people. It’s... Continue reading

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Sell Your House with Simple Lessons in Home Staging

By Julea Joseph on May 28, 2013

Home Staging is a the art of styling a home to accomplish two goals. To showcase the quality and amenities of the home itself. To offer a window to the possibilities of how a buyer... Continue reading

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How To: Style Your Patio—From Slab to Sensational!

By Julea Joseph on May 16, 2013

Don’t let your back sliding door be the final boundary of your living spaces. Now that a warmer season is upon us - your patio is the perfect muse for your decorating creativity, and a... Continue reading


10 Home Accessories You Should Never Buy

By Julea Joseph on Apr 16, 2013

Certain home accessories should be left at the store when you are decorating or home staging your home. Let's take a look at what I consider to be the most offensive decor-ruiners. 1. A six-foot... Continue reading


Fe Fi Faux: Decorating with Artificial Plants

By Julea Joseph on Feb 18, 2013

Faux, fake, or silk plants and florals are great to use in your home decorating so long as you use them sparingly and display them as if they were the real thing. Fortunately for us,... Continue reading


How My Laundry Is Cleaner Thanks to Pinterest

By Julea Joseph on Jan 10, 2013

As we all know Pinterest is just a wee bit addicting. Pretty pictures, DIY projects, and a whole lot of recipes to help you forget your New Year's diet resolution. Most of my Boards have... Continue reading