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Jessica @ Stay at Home-ista

I'm a Harvard-trained architect, now proudly staying at home with 3 small children, a new house to decorate (that I designed!), and three meals a day to put on the table. I'm putting my passion for design, food and family to work! I built the dream, but I still live in reality.

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Moving and a Shakin': Installing a Baby Gate

By Jessica @ Stay at Home-ista on Jan 04, 2013

See that movement? Peek a boo, I see you under the table! I also see your little tushie crawling AWAY from me! Which means that this death trap of a staircase from the playroom to... Continue reading

Pros and Cons of Marble in a Kitchen

By Jessica @ Stay at Home-ista on Nov 19, 2012

Given the huge expanse of marble in our kitchen, I get asked this question all the time. We chose Calcutta Oro marble, a block with less gold and brown, and more white with grey veining. This is in our kitchen,... Continue reading

interior design

Fantasy Vacation House Inspiration

By Jessica @ Stay at Home-ista on Oct 12, 2012

I'm featured today over at 6th Street Design School, head over to check out my real house! Now for my fantasy house. If you follow me on Pinterest you might have noticed I have a... Continue reading

interior design, kids

The Playroom

By Jessica @ Stay at Home-ista on Sep 11, 2012

Not the room where furniture goes to die, although sometimes it does feel a bit like a toy graveyard down here. I've been organizing more, so we have all the baby toys in one spot. You can... Continue reading

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DIY Linen and Paper Wall Art

By Jessica @ Stay at Home-ista on Aug 31, 2012

Our dining room desperately needed some additional soft surfaces to absorb the sound, and some texture to add a little bit of interest. We have lived here for over a year with nothing on the walls in here.  4... Continue reading

Where Furniture Goes to Die

By Jessica @ Stay at Home-ista on Aug 30, 2012

Just wanted to introduce you to our storage room. I'd like to say that this is the before and that we will organize it with a million clearly labeled bins, after a thorough purge. Nope. Just keeping... Continue reading

diy, storage

Labeling Doors with Decals

By Jessica @ Stay at Home-ista on Aug 03, 2012

This is what we get for creating a long hallway gallery with a series of doors. No one knows which is which. In this case, they door with the frosted glass inset is the door... Continue reading

walls, decor, diy

Polka Dot Walls with Vinyl Decals

By Jessica @ Stay at Home-ista on Jul 16, 2012

I can not get over what a difference these polka dots have made. Once I found the fun pink pillows I knew I wanted pink polka dots, similar to when Emily A. Clark put white... Continue reading


Training Bougainvillea Along a Railing

By Jessica @ Stay at Home-ista on Jun 18, 2012

Today, I've finally succumbed to my friend Kerry's house stalking so I'm guest posting on her site, House TalkN today. Stop on by, I might even offer you a glass of wine for your troubles!... Continue reading

diy, bedrooms, furniture

DIY Night Stand Makeovers

By Jessica @ Stay at Home-ista on May 07, 2012

I'm sharing my favorite room at Style and Ease, so stop on by. Since I'm redoing my son's room and turning it into a big-boy room with a real bed; he needed a nightstand. The... Continue reading