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How To: Hang and Level Odd-Shaped Decor

By John on Apr 21, 2013

It’s nice to be back in the swing of things. Lisa and I are adjusting nicely to life with two kids. So far so good. The real challenge will be when they both can walk... Continue reading

decor, diy

DIY Reclaimed Wood Picture Frame

By John on Feb 26, 2013

Hey everybody! Thanks for stopping by our Pinterest Challenge post! We’re very excited to be sharing with you a project that was a lot of fun for Lisa and I to work on together. If... Continue reading

diy, furniture

IKEA Hack: Dressing Up a Hemnes Dresser

By John on Feb 11, 2013

So even though I’ve already mentally started work on our sitting room built-ins, we obviously aren’t done with our daughter’s bedroom. We still want to add some decor and personalize the room a bit. My... Continue reading

kids, safety

5 DIY Childproofing Tips

By John on Feb 05, 2013

Lately, we’ve been re-evaluating some of our childproofing measures. Childproofing or toddler-proofing is a moving target, at least for us anyway. As soon as our daughter started walking last year, I went around the house... Continue reading

Hiding Flat-Screen TV Cables

By John on Jan 08, 2013

There are a number of items in our sitting room that are still up in the air. We haven’t decided what kind of bookshelf we’re going to go with, what kind of decor the room... Continue reading

Fixing a Broken IKEA Couch

By John on Jan 06, 2013

Last week we started discussing our plans for the sitting room immediately attached to our Master Bedroom. Over the weekend we managed to knock a few items off of our to-do list for this space,... Continue reading

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How to Replace a Broken Sump Pump

By John on Dec 03, 2012

Hey everybody!  Sorry if I’ve been AWOL lately.  Work has been pretty crazy and I’ve been unable to read or comment on my regular blog reads.  I’m hoping to set aside some time in the... Continue reading

bathroom, cleaning

How To: Clean Black Shower Mold Permanently

By John on Nov 28, 2012

Keeping with our bathroom theme… Unless you routinely scrub your tub or shower, you’re bound to get a good amount of black moldy build-up in those tough to clean areas. We’ve all seen it. Sorry... Continue reading

woodworking, paint, storage, diy

DIY Shoe Organizer

By John on Nov 12, 2012

Hope you all enjoyed your Veteran’s Day, especially if you were home from work like I was!  Big thanks to all those who served and those that continue to serve today.  With the extra free... Continue reading

electrical, garages

Time of the Light: Installing a Switch Timer

By John on Oct 21, 2012

Hey guys!  Hope you’re all doing well.  We had another not so productive weekend, only got a couple small things done.  Small steps though, right?  This week, I’m hoping to get to fix some cancerous... Continue reading