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My Favorite Cleaning Products

By John on Oct 18, 2012

Hey guys!  I hope you all had a great week so far.  It’s almost Friday, so I thought I would share some of my favorite cleaning items! Cleaning for the most part is a chore... Continue reading


State of Our Yard: Fall 2012

By John on Oct 16, 2012

Hey everybody!!  Hope everyone is enjoying their Fall weather!  We just had a great weekend and it was made all the better with the warm weather.  Saturday night we did a ghost walk through a... Continue reading

storage, storage, garages

Garage Organization (Before)

By John on Oct 08, 2012

Happy Columbus Day!!  Or as my Italian wife calls it, “better than St. Patrick’s Day.”    Today we’re enjoying a day off from work together and will be getting some much needed errands done.  I’d... Continue reading

tools, diy, diy

All About Nail Guns

By John on Oct 02, 2012

If you can’t tell, the whole home project thing is going a bit slowly at the moment. We do have a couple home improvement tricks up our sleeve yet, so don’t go anywhere! In the... Continue reading

tools, diy

What You Need to Know About Air Compressors

By John on Sep 28, 2012

Hope everyone is having a good week.  With these days getting shorter, it’s becoming harder and harder to get work done outside.  It’s tough to stay motivated.  There are still a few outdoor tasks I’d... Continue reading

decor, seasonal

Our Simple Fall Decor

By John on Sep 25, 2012

Hey everybody!  Hope you’re enjoying the cool Fall weather we’ve been having recently.  It really puts me in the mood to decorate for Fall and buy more pumpkins!… and apple cider donuts!!  This year we’re... Continue reading


What I’ve Learned About Flower Beds

By John on Sep 19, 2012

Instead of bringing you a post on some of our latest outside work as I’d planned, I’m forced to goto Option B and discuss something else.  I was hoping to come home from work and... Continue reading

diy, decor

DIY Fall Wreath

By John on Sep 17, 2012

Hi kids!  We hope you had a great weekend – we sure did.  We kept the projects minimal and got to spend some great family time together.  I am not sure about you guys, but... Continue reading

plumbing, repair

Fixing a Leaky Sink

By John on Sep 10, 2012

So, last week as you may recall, we added a reverse osmosis system (ROS) to our kitchen sink.  How do we like it so far?  We love it.  The water tastes great and we don’t... Continue reading


Enhancing Curb Appeal with Shutters

By John on Sep 06, 2012

If you’re like us, you occasionally wonder how to improve the overall curb appeal of your home.  In addition to having a clean and organized exterior there are some no-brainer improvements.  For example, you could... Continue reading