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Kelly & Matt Stumbaugh

Kelly & Matt are young homeowners with a passion for DIY. We enjoy getting our hands dirty to build and fix things around the house, grow and make food, and create fun and useful things. We take on new projects armed with little experience, a bit of knowledge gleaned from a variety of resources, sometimes help from friends/neighbors, and always a desire to learn something new and accomplish something we weren't sure we could do.

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Semi-built-in entertainment unit

By Kelly & Matt Stumbaugh on May 21, 2012

Some of our projects are planned for a long time, while others happen spontaneously.  We’ve been thinking about how to better store our TV- and stereo-related electronics for months if not years.  When we finally... Continue reading


Hoop House

By Kelly & Matt Stumbaugh on May 09, 2012

Hoop house I built at dusk on a Friday a few weeks ago.  Great way to get the weekend mojo goin’.  It’s about 4’x8’.  I drilled the horizontal rails and arches where they intersect and... Continue reading


RIP Tree

By Kelly & Matt Stumbaugh on May 02, 2012

Last week I took this picture of our house from across the street.  I wanted a photo of the yard with all its springy greenness.  Take a look at the tree planted in the parking... Continue reading

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Do It Together: Community Garden Renovation

By Kelly & Matt Stumbaugh on Apr 25, 2012

This is where I’ve been.  And in the attic; and crawl space; and yard; and garage— you get the idea.  Last September I was asked to participate in the renovation of our community garden (P-Patch). ... Continue reading


The Wood Whisperer

By Kelly & Matt Stumbaugh on Mar 13, 2012

Recently I was exploring our Tivo’s perk of offering podcast like content.  The quality is excellent and this show, The Wood Whisperer, was a real find.  I have at least two friends who I consider... Continue reading


My Carpenter

By Kelly & Matt Stumbaugh on Mar 06, 2012

This was the scene I came home to one evening last week.  When I called home from work toward the end of that day, Matt told me “you don’t need to rush home anytime soon.”... Continue reading

diy, diy

Building a Fireplace Mantel

By Kelly & Matt Stumbaugh on Mar 01, 2012

Starting at the end and working backward.  I finished building the majority of our mantel the other day.  I used Google’s free application, SketchUp, to crystallize the final design.  The original mantel looked like this:... Continue reading

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Shimmage (Shims, the Easy Way)

By Kelly & Matt Stumbaugh on Feb 21, 2012

Installing the trim is way easier if I staple the shims into place before hand.  In the picture, the shims don’t support the window (there are ones that do this but are mostly cut off),... Continue reading


My Table Saw Setup

By Kelly & Matt Stumbaugh on Feb 20, 2012

Table saw in collapsable homemade table. Table frame on saw horses. Supports hold 2x4s in table saw's plane. Extension 2x4s resting on supports. Clamping extensions to frame. Screwed in horizontal and drop-ins; saw. Feather guide... Continue reading


Seattle Hands On Skills Fair

By Kelly & Matt Stumbaugh on Feb 07, 2012

Sustainable Northeast Seattle is hosting the second annual Hands On Skills Fair.  We attended last year with our friends Lauren and Barrett, and we all loved it.  Between the four of us, we learned some... Continue reading