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We have a passion for renovating old houses. We’ve done it many times in our own homes, but now we want to see if we can turn that passion into a business model. Are we crazy? Maybe, but we want to give it a try. And through this home renovation blog, we’ll share our experiences as we renovate and decorate these houses for today’s modern lifestyle.

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bedrooms, diy, kids

DIY Tales: Kids' Room Renovations

By Laurel on Apr 15, 2014

Before Like the Master Bedroom, this side of the 2nd floor almost doubled in size as we changed from a low profile cape cod roof to a taller, shed dormer roofline - without any footprint... Continue reading

bedrooms, remodeling

Before and After: Relaxing Master Suite Renovation

By Laurel on Apr 07, 2014

At long last, I have a few minutes to share some of the 'before and afters' upstairs. That's certainly the area with the most dramatic change in the house - thanks to the addition of... Continue reading

kitchen, remodeling

Before & After: New Englander Kitchen and Dining Room

By Laurel on Oct 21, 2013

Now that the house is completed, I thought it would be nice to go back and post some photos to help you clearly see the 'Before' and 'After' changes we made. And since the kitchen... Continue reading

design, bedrooms

Creating a Master Bedroom from Unused Attic Space

By Laurel on Oct 24, 2013

Somehow, in the course of 120 years, this attic space never got finished into living space. It was one of the features of this house that excited us the most, when we started the project.... Continue reading

kitchen, remodeling

Before & After: The Traditional Kitchen Gets a Makeover

By Laurel on Jun 10, 2013

It was 5 months in the making, but we think the completed kitchen was well worth the wait. We went from a circa 1970s space to one that has a timeless style. Here's a quick... Continue reading