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Megan Poletti

My blog Rental Revival is a great resource for renter-friendly projects that are easy on your wallet.

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DIY Tales: Dressing Up a Filing Cabinet

By Megan Poletti on Sep 10, 2013

I am not the most organized person in the world. There are certain things that I can be quite particular about, like how I put away my dishes and the alphabetical-by-artist, chronological-within-artists'-releases order of my... Continue reading

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Happy Corner: Houseplant Haven

By Megan Poletti on Sep 03, 2013

Around my house this summer, a lot of furniture was moved and removed and swapped around rooms. One of the biggest changes made was reevaluating how the upstairs attic space was going to be used.... Continue reading


DIY Tales: Wallpaper Remover in 2 Ways

By Megan Poletti on Jun 10, 2013

Hi everyone! Thanks for all the great comments about my kitchen revival. I will be posting tutorials soon, but in the meantime, I have a few tips about DIY wallpaper removal that I thought you... Continue reading