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Picardy Project

Picardy Project

Chris and I are enjoying the adventure of renovating our first house together. Seeing as every room of the house and nearly the entire exterior will need a facelift, it will be a long process.....

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woodworking, pets, diy

DIY Cat House

By Picardy Project on Jan 24, 2013

My stepmom has started a cat rescue program at a local community college up where she and my dad live. Lots of colleges have feral cat overpopulation problems, so her group traps, spays, and releases... Continue reading

walls, how to

How To: Texture a Wall with Joint Compound

By Picardy Project on Jan 21, 2013

There are probably as many textures as there are people willing to pick up a drywall knife or any other tool for that matter. That said, here's how I texture the wall to sorta match... Continue reading

electrical, diy

DIY Wall Sconce Installation

By Picardy Project on Jan 15, 2013

Before we insulated the attic, we wanted to complete a wiring item on our to do list: bedroom wall sconces. Eventually we will build a storage platform bed for our bedroom so that it doesn't... Continue reading

bathroom, flooring, diy

Laying Down Basket-Weave Tile

By Picardy Project on Jan 08, 2013

You may remember that we have basketweave in our main bathroom. And you may remember that we hated every second of laying it and swore that we wouldn't do it again. I was especially violent... Continue reading


A Sea of Pink Fluff: Insulating the Attic

By Picardy Project on Dec 27, 2012

We called a little bit of an audible when we decided to insulate our attic yesterday. It wasn't completely random, but we did do it a lot sooner than I think either of us had... Continue reading


Back to Work!

By Picardy Project on Dec 26, 2012

Chris has this week off from work, which is marvelous. And being "self-employed", I've given myself this week off too. Sometimes I wake up early and get a little work done before Chris gets up,... Continue reading

bathroom, diy

Venting a Bathroom Fan Through the Roof

By Picardy Project on Dec 20, 2012

One day while Meryl was out running errands I decided to hook up the bathroom fan. We chose a Panasonic model for its reputation as being reliable and quiet—both important since it's a bathroom right... Continue reading

walls, diy

Putting Up Walls in Our Bathroom

By Picardy Project on Dec 18, 2012

Well, I guess we always had "walls" in the bathroom, but something about drywall and Wonderboard going up always make it seem real. The process had already begun a few weeks ago but had stalled... Continue reading

decor, windows, diy

DIY Roman Shades

By Picardy Project on Dec 17, 2012

I've had the fabric sitting around my art room/office for many weeks now, and from the hours of 8 to 10am I can barely see my computer... ... so it was finally time to sew... Continue reading

landscaping, diy

The Basics of Building a Wood Fence

By Picardy Project on Dec 06, 2012

Here are some basics on how to build a wood fence. 1. Determine layout of posts and mark the ground. The easiest way to do this is to find your beginning and ending points and... Continue reading