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At Home Alterations

Mike and Katrina

We were half way through our engagement at the time and for some reason thought adding house hunting and renovations to our mile-long "to-do" list was a good idea. As it turned out, it has been a pretty good idea. We found a 1920 craftsman Bungalow in need of some love and have been restoring it and making it our own since. With some good team work, help from friends, and a thrifty DIY spirit, we're embarking on our at home alterations.

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Spray Foam

By Mike and Katrina on Jun 20, 2012

My friend, Jason:  What kind of insulation is this? Me: Spray foam. Jason: Like... Great Stuff? Haha, yes.  Can you imagine me spending days going through can after can of great stuff to insulate the... Continue reading

Lets talk laundry

By Mike and Katrina on May 30, 2012

We've been doing a lot of work on the laundry room lately.  So much that it seemed post worthy!  In the last year we've oh-so-slowly and painfully: Demolished the wood paneling and furring strips that... Continue reading

So close!

By Mike and Katrina on May 21, 2012

We're finally on the home stretch to drywall!  It's been two months since the last update and in that time I... Rewired the old receptacles (and added a few) on the main level Wired all... Continue reading

Why not just rewire the rest of the house while we’re at it?

By Mike and Katrina on Apr 12, 2012

I'll admit my initial time estimate of six months was a little naive.  We're 12 months into the basement reno with at least 6 months left.  Partially, I just had no idea how long everything... Continue reading

Due for a basement update

By Mike and Katrina on Mar 27, 2012

We've been holding off on an update until something "big" happens in the basement like finishing framing or finishing... anything.  We can't finish plumbing until we have our bathroom fixtures picked out, can't finish the... Continue reading

New Laudnry Sink

By Mike and Katrina on Mar 24, 2012

We decided to get rid of our laundry sink that had seen some major abuse.  Here's a picture of it on it's last leg - back when our laundry room looked like it got hit... Continue reading

Yearly boiler maintenance

By Mike and Katrina on Jan 13, 2012

Note:  This post is specifically for houses that have a hot water boiler and radiators.  If you have a furnace and forced air ducts you should still get a yearly checkup but it should be... Continue reading

Washers and Dryers

By Mike and Katrina on Jan 10, 2012

We've been trading washers and dryers this year like they're pairs of jeans!  When we moved in there was an old top loading washing machine and a 10-ish year-old front loading dryer. They worked fine... Continue reading


How to Kill a Dryer, Radio, and Two Garage Door Openers

By Mike and Katrina on Jan 06, 2012

Someone, somewhere thought this junction box was a good idea. I had to totally disassemble it when we demoed the laundry room and one of my goals with re-wiring the basement is to completely remove... Continue reading

framing, remodeling

The Great Beam Debacle: Part 2

By Mike and Katrina on Jan 03, 2012

Almost 6 months ago we wrote about our great beam debacle that had our heads spinning trying to figure out how to fix this tiny little problem: A previous owner removed a support post that... Continue reading