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At Home Alterations

Mike and Katrina

We were half way through our engagement at the time and for some reason thought adding house hunting and renovations to our mile-long "to-do" list was a good idea. As it turned out, it has been a pretty good idea. We found a 1920 craftsman Bungalow in need of some love and have been restoring it and making it our own since. With some good team work, help from friends, and a thrifty DIY spirit, we're embarking on our at home alterations.

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Whoa, We’re Half Way There.

By Mike and Katrina on Oct 19, 2011

Whooaa Oooo, living on a prayer.  Anyone? Bon Jovi aside, we think we're half way done with the basement renovation!  It's hard to say how far we are and how much more we have left.... Continue reading


Autumn Alterations at the Allen Abode

By Mike and Katrina on Oct 10, 2011

Can you tell I like alliterations?  Well, I like changing up decor too and although we haven't done too much of that with all of our basement work, I did manage to put up some... Continue reading

The House Gets a New Hat

By Mike and Katrina on Oct 07, 2011

We got a new roof!  This wasn't something we planned to do for a long time but we found out our old roof had hail damage and insurance would cover the cost - minus our... Continue reading



By Mike and Katrina on Oct 05, 2011

Now that we sold the organ we have lots of room in the living room.  The organ took up a ton of space so we didn't have room for a coffee table.  But now that... Continue reading

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More Than You Wanted to Know About Coloring Stucco

By Mike and Katrina on Oct 01, 2011

Last week when we wrote about changing our roof color we mentioned painting the stucco.  We said we've heard painters say it's A-OK but we've heard the opposite from other people.  After some really helpful... Continue reading

Roof Colors

By Mike and Katrina on Sep 29, 2011

As we mentioned yesterday, we're getting a new roof! In trying to figure out what color roof to go with, we went to and played with their color chart.  Obviously our house doesn't look... Continue reading

A New Roof? Haaaaail Yes!

By Mike and Katrina on Sep 28, 2011

Our neighbors are getting a new roof.  In the process of having all the work done, we've gotten to know the roofing crew and the guy in charge. One day I asked if I could... Continue reading

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DIY PEX Tubing Installation

By Mike and Katrina on Sep 26, 2011

A few months ago we had the asbestos covered pipes removed from the basement because they hung a foot below the ceiling and ran through the middle of our to-be living room. It's been great... Continue reading