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Goodin's Folly

Ms. Nidoog

Remodeling a 1909 bungalow from the ground up.

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stairs, repurposing

Reclaimed Brick Outdoor Staircase

By Ms. Nidoog on Nov 28, 2012

This is the staircase that was built on the side of the house where the leak was. Basically, they dug the dirt down, away from the foundation wall, and then built stairs from the front... Continue reading

kitchen, demolition

Pièce de Résistance

By Ms. Nidoog on Aug 03, 2012

The house that got demolished contained a Wedgewood stove, almost identical to the one we have.  The biggest differences are that it has two ovens and a griddle.   As much as I LOVE our existing... Continue reading

repurposing, doors

More Doors from "The Haul"

By Ms. Nidoog on Jul 30, 2012

The demolished duplex had classic Craftsman five panel doors.  Many of them had the original hardware.  And some had an extra door knob of the contemporary kind -- is it really so hard to replace... Continue reading

repurposing, doors

Doors from "The Haul"

By Ms. Nidoog on Jul 29, 2012

These leaded glass doors are from a cabinet in the dining room of the house that was torn down.  It's the same cabinet all these drawers are from. The house was actually a duplex, so... Continue reading



By Ms. Nidoog on May 14, 2012

Rob bought brass labels for our plants.  You use a ballpoint pen to "engrave" the name of the plant onto the plate and then stick it into the ground. Rob won't let me write on... Continue reading

flooring, sustainability, repurposing

Creative Reuse

By Ms. Nidoog on Apr 30, 2012

This is the wood that was cut out of our floor to make room for the stairs.  I am hoping to repourpose it and have it made into the table top for the breakfast nook... Continue reading



By Ms. Nidoog on Apr 22, 2012

My orchids continue to LOVE the light we are getting in the dining room. Rob bought me this phalenopsis seven years ago when we moved back from France.  This is the first time it has... Continue reading


Going Dutch: A Novel Approach to Garage Doors

By Ms. Nidoog on Apr 05, 2012

The door to the basement has been installed.  It's a double Dutch door we had made by Real Carriage Doors.  Solid douglas fir.  I LOVE it. Continue reading


It's Always Something, Right?

By Ms. Nidoog on Mar 20, 2012

We got quite a bit of rain over the weekend and now water is seeping through the foundation wall on the one side where the foundation is sistered. Sigh. I'm glad this happened now and... Continue reading


Porch Flooring

By Ms. Nidoog on Mar 19, 2012

The porch floor is also done. We used Waterlox Marine Finish on it -- the gloss will tone down after a little wear and tear. Continue reading