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86'n It

Nicole Rittenour

86'n It is a blog detailing the DIY journey of two architects and a baby in the long, long process of renovating a 1920's house.

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1 Tomato, 2 Tomato, 3 Tomato, Floor.

By Nicole Rittenour on Apr 29, 2012

We spent this weekend trying to wrangle a small cast-legged child in the backyard while doing landscaping/gardening. The fence line was starting to look pretty bad so I weeded, turned over all the soil, removed... Continue reading

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Malm Bed Fix

By Nicole Rittenour on Apr 25, 2012

So, our 10 year old Malm bed from Ikea ($199) has been through 4 moves and has been having some issues lately. Namely, the new-ish wood slat frame we got for it has been slipping... Continue reading


How Does Your Garden Grow?

By Nicole Rittenour on Apr 15, 2012

No Silver Bells here, just lots of veggies and herbs. It might be a tad early to plant in this area, but we've had a very warm spring and the next month is INSANE for... Continue reading


Backyard Plans & New Elements

By Nicole Rittenour on Apr 12, 2012

I figured instead of showing only photos of plants, it would help to show a plan of the backyard. But because I understand that not everyone loves a plan as much as I do, I'll... Continue reading


Poor Man's Sod

By Nicole Rittenour on Apr 09, 2012

With this beautiful weather we have been having, we have been exerting most of our renovation energy on the backyard. This involves mostly moving things. I move plants and Marc moves grass. I call it the poor... Continue reading


Country Mouse/City Mouse: Mowing Edition

By Nicole Rittenour on Mar 28, 2012

Marc has always made fun of the way that I mow, specifically the pattern in which I mow. I never thought anything of it until last week while mowing our lawn. I had a "light... Continue reading

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Ikea List: Hold the Meatballs

By Nicole Rittenour on Mar 23, 2012

We have been putting off an Ikea trip for 3 weeks now, but have finally decided to pull the trigger. I'm just a little excited. So little bit excited that I've made a list on... Continue reading


Let's Play Where's Franca?

By Nicole Rittenour on Mar 20, 2012

Marc has been very busy working in the back yard doing little tweaks and improvements on our big makeover. When we did the original makeover, we just used metal edging to separate the grass from planting areas.... Continue reading