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Christina Katos

As a graphic designer I love all things having to do with design. Starting a DIY home design blog has become my creative outlet to share my inspirations, ideas and projects.

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DIY Tales: Striped Wall

By Christina Katos on Nov 18, 2013

I've been seeing this project in my head for a while and I finally got around to doing it. I painted one wall in my mudroom with stripes. Pretty painless but it makes a big... Continue reading

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Holiday DIY: Baby’s Breath on the Christmas Tree

By Christina Katos on Dec 13, 2013

After the tree is bought and the lights are wrapped around and all the ornaments are put in place my tree is still not done. Not till the next day when I go out and... Continue reading

diy, storage

DIY Tales: Painted Baskets

By Christina Katos on Dec 04, 2013

The wastebaskets that I placed in my mudroom as shoe storage once upon a time looked like this... I picked them up at HomeGoods for $7.99 each and they were fine as is. Painted and... Continue reading

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Easy DIY: Chalkboard Door

By Christina Katos on Oct 16, 2013

My boys were a little envious of the large chalkboard wall in their sisters' room so I began thinking of how I could give them a version all their own. When I was generously offered... Continue reading


Design Files: Bentwood Chairs

By Christina Katos on Oct 28, 2013

With my new bentwood chairs safely at home I’m on the hunt for some inspiration about what to do with them. I had imagined that one day if I ever found chairs like these, I’d... Continue reading

diy, lighting

Edison Bulb Light Fixture Makeover

By Christina Katos on May 21, 2013

The sun porch has one light fixture at the moment. I was considering replacing the light altogether since it is obviously an original fixture. It is small and does not give off much light. After... Continue reading

paint, ceilings

Painting the Fifth Wall (AKA the Ceiling!)

By Christina Katos on May 17, 2013

The other day, I did something I've never done before. I painted a ceiling -- all 5 feet 2 inches of me. I've always painted my "fifth" wall white and kept the color for the... Continue reading

home office, kids

An Awesome Closet-Office You Don't Want to Miss

By Christina Katos on Apr 12, 2013

The cl-office is officially finished! I first started off with a closet with sliding doors. I painted it using chalkboard paint and then added some storage. I then built a floating desk and added wall... Continue reading

diy, furniture

How To: Upholster a Chair

By Christina Katos on Apr 11, 2013

I’ve been searching local antique shops in my area for a chair for my daughter’s bedroom. I had a chair there which had armrests and wasn’t working with the floating desk -- the armrests kept... Continue reading