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Our Concrete Home

Andrea Starace

Chronicling the adventures of Nate and Andrea in our 1952 cinder-block home.

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diy, seasonal

Easy DIY: Who Are Those Masked Pumpkins?

By Andrea Starace on Oct 15, 2013

I had grand plans for elaborate Halloween decor this year, but in the end I chose one more simple project to tackle – a masked pumpkin. In fact, I made a whole crew of them... Continue reading

diy, home office

DIY Desk Clock Makeover

By Andrea Starace on Mar 12, 2013

Many weeks ago I picked up this dated plastic clock at a thrift shop. It was $0.99 and I thought it had nice lines, and the face swiveled, so I brought it home. For some... Continue reading

kitchen, storage

DIY Tales: Clutter-Free Kitchen Like Mom's

By Andrea Starace on Mar 06, 2013

That’s my mom and sister Ali in the photo above. They are making pretzels for our annual Alt Thanksgiving a few years back. They are probably going to hate me for featuring this photo, but... Continue reading

kitchen, paint, diy

DIY Kitchen Update with White, Yellow, and Black(board) Paint

By Andrea Starace on Jan 28, 2013

Since we are in a waiting pattern on the prison bath and roof, I’ve decided to tackle a bunch of small projects to keep me busy. (Idle hands and all…) Small Project #1: Kitchen Update... Continue reading


Raccoons, My Friends

By Andrea Starace on Dec 11, 2012

Late one night last week, Nate thought he saw something moving on our back porch. Something big and furry was rummaging in our flower beds. It wasn’t the cats. Both of them were inside by... Continue reading

decor, seasonal

Holiday Decorating, Piece by Piece

By Andrea Starace on Dec 03, 2012

This year I am easing into the holiday decorations with greenery and a few craft projects. Our grocery store had amazing pink Christmas cacti that I had to pick up. I am bound and determined... Continue reading


Brushing My Flokati: Shag Carpet Cleaning Tips

By Andrea Starace on Oct 30, 2012

In our bedroom, we have a 8×10 foot Flokati rug I bought after our bathroom remodel to warm up the concrete floors. I had read great reviews about the style including that they are extremely... Continue reading


Looking Back at My Summer Garden

By Andrea Starace on Oct 24, 2012

Overall, I think my veggie garden did pretty well this summer. I am still picking bunches of basil and tomatoes of the vine due to our long growing season. It’s making me a little spoiled.... Continue reading

Roof Leak: Three More Drips

By Andrea Starace on Oct 23, 2012

Rainy weather came in two nights ago and with it my worry about how our roof will do this winter. Our great room is already dripping like a sieve and just this morning I found... Continue reading


Halloween Decor: Silhouette Crazy

By Andrea Starace on Oct 22, 2012

Our Halloween decor has been pretty consistent the last few years. After my colorful Halloween rave theme in 2009, I changed direction for a more modern interpretation. My favorite prop has been animal and monster... Continue reading