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Roundup: A Little Neon Love

By Rayan Turner on Jul 19, 2012

Roundup:Neon Love The Design Confidential From accent furniture to washi tape frames, neon is everywhere! I know many of you already know of my slight obsession with neon from this post of yore, combining neon... Continue reading

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Urban Farming and the Art of the Chicken Coop

By Rayan Turner on May 03, 2012

Urban Farming The Design Confidential Did you know that most counties include Chickens in their list of acceptable domestic animals? It's quite true. Does this news get your creative wheels turning? Does it bring out... Continue reading

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DIY Project: In-Wall Cabinet

By Rayan Turner on Apr 19, 2012

In-Wall Cabinet Cher-Ann Texter How to Build an In-Wall Cabinet: When you’re short on space, an in-wall cabinet is a great idea! The possibilities are endless – a cabinet with shelves in the living room... Continue reading

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How To: Use Tangerine Tango in the Garden

By Rayan Turner on Mar 21, 2012

Gardening: Tangerine The Impatient Gardener Color trends tend to travel from the fashion world to home design and often trickle down to the landscape. We’ve been seeing orange in homes and on the runway for... Continue reading

landscaping, gardening

Gardening: From Dread to Bed, and Some Drip Line in Between

By Rayan Turner on Mar 08, 2012

Gardening: Dread to Bed The Design Confidential Our backyard is about the size of a dollar bill... but somehow that doesn't make it exempt from a winter thrashing. It doesn't snow here, but the trees...... Continue reading

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DIY Paper Craft

By Rayan Turner on Feb 29, 2012

A Paper Craft I Adore The Design Confidential I needed a little something between my upper windows and the top of my headboard, and I figured a typographical paper craft was just the thing. I... Continue reading

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How To: Create an Artful Neon Lighting Installation

By Rayan Turner on Feb 17, 2012

DIY Neon Lighting The Design Confidential I have been coveting a neon lighting installation ever since I stumbled upon it months ago... but alas the price tag has placed it well out of my reach. ... Continue reading


Four Top Garden Trends for Small Yards

By Rayan Turner on Jan 12, 2012

4 Top Garden Trends The Design Confidential When I go to that happy place inside my head, I often imagine myself in the garden planting or enjoying the fruits of my labor...quite literally...fruits and vegetables... Continue reading


Lust List: Richard's

By Rayan Turner on Dec 20, 2011

The Design Confidential Lust List: Richard's Trunks My Lust List is compile of things that are more expensive than I can afford OR are too difficult to DIY in any reasonable amount of time or... Continue reading