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Redo It Yourself Inspirations

Robin Tompkins

I just started my Blog this month out of family encouragement. Sometimes things will become created out of need. You find yourself in situations that an item, a room or an outdoor space is screaming for an inexpensive improvement. In these circumstances you reach out for ideas and solutions. The possibilities can be endless and rewarding. Browsing through blogs such as mine and friends here on the net, you'll find that help is available on how to get inspired. My passion is to be creative. I achieve this by recycling everyday household items into re-purposed functions. I cook, clean, build and entertain, with that comes a wealth of imagination. There is always room for improvement in our everyday life and I try to find them.

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DIY Tales: Old Chair Redo

By Robin Tompkins on Feb 27, 2014

I'm not sure of the age of this chair, but by the appearance of the three layers of finishes and seat covers, it must be early 1900's. Maybe you can help me date it through... Continue reading

diy, furniture

DIY Tales: Three-Drawer Chest Redo

By Robin Tompkins on Jan 10, 2014

I picked up this small chest of drawers really cheap. I decided to use it as my "brave creation". A traditional re-finisher, but I went bright Barn red. I actually learned to admire the color... Continue reading

diy, repurposing

DIY Tales: From Dining Room Set to a Dining Storage Island

By Robin Tompkins on Nov 14, 2013

We had a small kitchen island that functioned more for storage than anything else. It was not high enough for sitting and dining at, nor large enough. I was on an online search for ideas... Continue reading