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Susan Stevenson

My blog features projects I've made from side-of-the-road castoffs. I like to recycle old lamps, tables and rusty junk into useable and eclectic things for my home.

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After Hurricane Sandy

By Susan Stevenson on Oct 30, 2012

There is bad news here on Long Island... My street is on the North shore, we have a lot of trees down... Read more »Homeroad Continue reading

tools, repurposing, diy

Washi Tape Dispenser

By Susan Stevenson on Aug 29, 2012

The minute I found these 2 beauties I knew they were special... I think at one time they were  for cassette tapes...  I knew right away what I was going to use them for... I admired a... Continue reading

decor, furniture

Rush Seat Bench Makeover

By Susan Stevenson on Aug 24, 2012

A curb alert from a friend  brought me this little cutie... It has a great rush seat... A little white chalk paint and wax later... And it turned out just as I had hoped! Homeroad Continue reading


DIY Dog Fence

By Susan Stevenson on Aug 16, 2012

Our Jack Russell can climb a fence. Don't let that innocent look fool you... She was climbing up the side of a 2 1/2' dog fence  and waking us up every night. I know... she's... Continue reading

woodworking, repurposing, decor, diy

Rustic Driftwood Picture Frame

By Susan Stevenson on Aug 13, 2012

Are you ready for another driftwood project  before the summer is over? I built a frame using a very long board I found on the beach. I just love boards that wash up, they usually... Continue reading

landscaping, paint, diy

Driftwood House Number Marker

By Susan Stevenson on Aug 05, 2012

Imagine if you will, a 50 something, grown man rolling a 3' high, 100+ lb. driftwood stump  down the beach... I told my husband I had a good idea for it, he must have liked... Continue reading

repurposing, diy

Aluminum Cornered Crate

By Susan Stevenson on Jul 10, 2012

This crate began life as the leg of a sawhorse...  I love the old paint on the wood. Using an old aluminum mini loaf pan  and tin snips, I cut pieces of the trays to... Continue reading

diy, repurposing

Mailbox Organizer

By Susan Stevenson on Jul 08, 2012

It used to be old, dirty and in the thrift store... But for $1.00 it was all mine!  A new coat of paint, a jute loop to hang it,  and a vinyl number to match... Continue reading

diy, furniture

Side Table Makeover

By Susan Stevenson on Jul 07, 2012

I love to make things over... Here is a project I just finished that is just my style! I tried my best to save this table... it's beautiful but rickety... I tried to glue it,... Continue reading

diy, repurposing

Chalk Board Memo Board

By Susan Stevenson on Jun 26, 2012

A quickie memo board made from a vintage green chalkboard and some twine... I painted a circle and some wavy stamp marks onto the green chalkboard.... used rubber stamps to fill in the circle... and... Continue reading