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Susan Stevenson

My blog features projects I've made from side-of-the-road castoffs. I like to recycle old lamps, tables and rusty junk into useable and eclectic things for my home.

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paint, furniture, diy

Determination and a Dresser

By Susan Stevenson on Jun 26, 2012

My project today was more about patience and  never giving up than it was about painting... My very early Sunday morning began with an  old dresser in the garage.  My plan was to paint it... Continue reading

landscaping, diy

Extreme Makeover Birdhouse Addition

By Susan Stevenson on Jun 24, 2012

Good Morning Birdie Family!!! This awesome birdhouse was at my Mother's house and really needed some help.... I loved the mossy entrance ... and the great growth on the roof... But it had a problem....... Continue reading

diy, furniture, paint

Painting Patio Furniture

By Susan Stevenson on Jun 11, 2012

Mom's redwood patio furniture has seen better days... Moldy, faded, and all dried out, it needed a paint job! First we sanded to remove the mold, then  gave it a coat of Kilz oil based... Continue reading

repurposing, woodworking, bedrooms

Old Door Headboard

By Susan Stevenson on Jun 07, 2012

My daughter brought me an old door  she found on the side-of-the-road... (she's a chip off the old block) The door had a lot of potential but was a mess! Along with the door came... Continue reading

repurposing, furniture, storage, diy

Wooden Crate Wall Cubbies

By Susan Stevenson on Jun 04, 2012

The day started with a thrift store find... 9 raw wood crates, 1/2 price day! $2.00 each Great boxes, I couldn't leave them there... I thought planters, storage, tool totes, cubbies... CUBBIES !!! WALL SHELF... Continue reading

landscaping, repurposing

Rusty Planter

By Susan Stevenson on Jun 02, 2012

I was using this rusty coal starter for a planter... It was working just fine for me.... Until I found this very cool piece of an iron statue... which fit inside the coal starter just... Continue reading

Free Garden Bench

By Susan Stevenson on May 29, 2012

Free Garden Bench       Using leftover futon wood from the Farmhouse Bench project,  plus 2 oak posts I found while walking one night.... (and let me tell you they were not easy to carry a mile... Continue reading