Slide 1: Old Fashioned Bathroom


This 1980s master bathroom might have been stylish in its day, but not today. Dated floral wallpaper, an ugly countertop, and sad tile made this bathroom cringe-worthy enough to earn the epithet "granny-like."

Before and After: 7 Stunning Bathroom Makeovers

Because the bathroom isn’t the first thing visitors see, it often falls to the bottom of the DIY to-do list. But a bathroom shouldn’t stay out of sight and out of mind, because it is one of the most-used areas of any home. With a little tender love and care, even the most shameful space can be transformed into a spa-like retreat. Upgrades can be as easy as changing the paint color or switching up mirrors or other accents, or as complex as replacing vanities and renovating showers. We’ve found 7 before-and-after bathroom makeovers sure to inspire you to take the plunge with your own project.


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