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This isn't your mother's pantry. From utilizing areas you previously ignored (e.g., the toe kick) to installing devoted storage for individual appliances (e.g., a stand mixer), getting the most out of your kitchen is all about packing creative solutions into every nook and cranny of available space. Browse ten innovative products that will help you do just that!

16 New Ways to Store Kitchen Necessities

The kitchen is the heart of the home. When it’s organized, everything from meal prep to homework help goes more smoothly. As it is elsewhere, adequate storage is a must. Kitchen storage solutions run the gamut from completely custom systems to a collection of DIY recycled and upcycled hacks. By implementing the right combination of kitchen storage ideas, you too can be on your way to a more peaceful meal prep and dining experience—and who doesn't want that at the end of the day? Don't worry if a renovation is not in your immediate plans. Custom kitchen cabinets provide wonderful ideas and inspiration, which you can replicate with off-the-shelf products and your own DIY inventions. Your kitchen drawers can be transformed into the perfect spice storage, linen storage, cutlery storage, and more with the right dividers. Meanwhile, the kitchen cabinets that often suffer from inefficient use of space only require shelf and drawer organizers to fit your specific needs. Try tiered shelf organizers to keep canned goods visible, and look to specialty racks to keep cutting boards and lids to your collection of pots and pans accessible. And anywhere possible, install slide-out drawers in cabinets that are deep to avoid wasting space. As you're implementing organizers throughout the kitchen and maxing out storage space, remember to position things that go together near one another. Store the coffee cups in the cabinet above the coffee maker and the dining utensils in the drawer closest to the dishwasher, while pots and pans should live close to the stove and plastic tubs for leftovers should be close to the fridge and/or pantry. Hungry to get started on your own organizing your own meal prep area? Click through for our favorite ways to store all your kitchen necessities.


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