Slide 1: Organized Closet


The first frontier in the crusade against clutter is the closet. If you can tidy up these crowded catchalls of the house, you can tackle anything. For starters, make use of often-overlooked space up high, and use transparent or decorative bins to store items neatly and provide easy access. In short, look for ways to end closet "stuffication."

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Easy Storage Ideas for Every Room in the House

Nothing disturbs your private sanctuary like clutter. Kick your space into gear, from top to bottom and room to room, with these sanity-saving storage ideas. First, pare down your belongings by discarding or donating anything old or unusable, then move on to organizing whatever is left. The natural impulse is to hide clutter out of sight in closets, bureaus, or junk drawers, but if you don't have enough concealed storage to house your essentials, it's time to get creative. You'll be surprised how much you can stow neatly, in plain sight, by using attractive wire or wicker baskets, painted pegboard, or other storage tricks. Whether you're trying to carve out a little more room in the kitchen, clear out your bedroom clutter, or organize your garage essentials, this collection of smart solutions will give you inspiration and guidance.


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