Slide 4: DIY Silverware


Do you have a set of flatware that's mismatched... or just needs pizzazz? Break out the spray paint and give your cutlery an instant boost that's guaranteed to spark some conversation. Although you may not want to try this on your best silver, this approach would be wonderfully whimsical on casual flatware that's used in a second home or for entertaining.

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8 Brilliant DIY Ways to Reinvent Your Dinnerware

If you're like me, you enjoy mixing things up from time to time just to keep life interesting. This especially applies to home decor. Giving your personal space a facelift can be as easy (and satisfying) as rearranging the furniture, swapping out some throw pillows, or reframing a piece of art. So along those lines, wouldn't it be nice to spice up the essential items you use every day—like your plates, cups, and silverware? Strategies for reinventing your dinnerware, however, don't necessarily leap immediately to mind. When I first started brainstorming ideas, I found myself a bit stymied. How do you change the look of something that's designed to be used "as is"? But equipped with a little imagination and a few basic supplies, you may be surprised at what you can do. From simple embellishments to more sophisticated techniques that let you channel your inner artist, here are 11 creative ways to make your settings sing.

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