Slide 11: Painted Wall Shapes


Seventy Nine Ideas

While moldings and room breaks often dictate where to add color, sometimes the painter purposefully wants to determine her own boundaries. From simple circles and other geometric shapes to stripes, swirls, and even words, the application of an accent color is in the hands and mind of the one holding the brush.  

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Awesome Accents: 17 Ways to Make Any Space Pop with Color

Brilliant, bright, creamy, rich, dazzling color, whether used liberally or sparingly, can make a significant impact in a space. Much like a colorful scarf takes a neutral outfit in a bold new direction, an unanticipated design element, such as a juicy pink kitchen wall, high-gloss yellow dining chair, or a black ceiling, often steals the show. The accent wall is a familiar concept, yet partial surfaces, smaller architectural elements, and furnishings are ripe for color too. Color-phobes can rest assured that a pop of color is a way to reap all the benefits without belaboring the point. Here are 17 ways to make a space pop with color.


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