Slide 1: Painting Door Knobs


You can go all out with this look if you pair a painted knob with a colorful door and brightly hued house—think of the vibrant multicolored homes found in the French Quarter of New Orleans. For a more measured effect, a painted knob can give a touch of the unexpected to an otherwise subdued exterior.

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Doorknobs of Distinction: 12 Stunning Styles for Interior Doors

While the doorknob may not be the first thing visitors notice about a house, it is often the first thing they touch—so make sure yours is memorable. A doorknob that makes an impact, whether through sight or touch, demonstrates that you’ve paid attention to every last detail in your home—inside and out. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorites, from the unexpected to the timeless to the left of center. One of these just might be perfect for your door.

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