Framed! 18 Picture-Perfect Gallery Walls

Candid vacation snapshots. Formal family portraits. Contemporary art. Flea market finds. Your most prized pictures and artistic expressions deserve a special place in your home—a gallery, if you will. But where to begin? Creating an eye-pleasing montage is one of those things that seems intuitive once it’s done, but the planning stages can be a bit overwhelming. Finding the right mix of colors, sizes, textures and balance takes not only creativity, but also a bit of mathematical patience. (Hint: Save yourself both aggravation and spackle by making a paper template before you grab the hammer and nails!) To give you inspiration for telling your own wonderful wall story, we’ve scoured the Web for the best of the best. From staircase displays to unusually beautiful patterns to floor-to-ceiling gallery arrangements, here are some of our favorite ideas for showcasing your frame-worthy pieces.

Interior Design

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