Slide 1: Peel and Stick Floor Tiles


Although you can't replace the kitchen or bathroom floor in a rental, you can cover it up. Rugs are a logical option, but so too are carpet squares and vinyl tiles that you can install with double-sided tape. There is also the option of peel-and-tiles like those shown in this dramatic kitchen floor makeover. They're a cinch to work with and remove when it's time to leave.  

10 DIY Ways Renters Can Remake Their Space

Life as a renter is a mix of pros and cons. While you don't have to fix the leaky faucet yourself, you don't have the option to change it either. Sure, you have less responsibility, but you have less control as well. Whether you just want to put your own stamp on your living space or are a certified home improvement junkie, DIY projects in a rental can be tricky. Most landlords won't allow you to make any changes, structural or decorative, to your apartment. And you certainly don't want to invest good money in a space you don't own. So, what's a DIYer to do? Here are 10 not-so-permanent solutions that will make your rental feel more like "your" home.

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