Slide 1: Planting Seeds



When growing indoor vegetables, the first hurdle is to sprout seedlings. Start with a plastic cell pack (or an aluminum pie tin with a few holes poked in the bottom), then scoop a seeding mix into your container and thoroughly moisten with water. Plant each seed about 1/4 inch into the soil, taking care to follow the instructions on the seed packet.

Vegetables On Demand: How to Grow Edible Plants Indoors—Starting from Seeds!

Don't let a lack of fertile land prevent you from getting the fresh vegetables your body needs and deserves. By following a couple of vital guidelines, you can grow a slew of delicious edible plants right in the comfort of your house or apartment. In less time than it takes to learn how to drive a tractor, you can fill your home with tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, and enough leafy greens to put the Garden State of New Jersey to shame. So pull on a pair of overalls, grab your straw hat, and get ready to grow vegetables indoors.

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