01:28PM | 11/11/11
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All my other faucets and the bathtub work fine, so i'm guessing my bathroom sink faucet is messed up somehow. It's one of the ones where you lift the handle them move left or right for temp. When i pull it up/back all the way, i barely get a trickle out of it. Is there a washer or something somewhere that needs to be replaced?


04:28PM | 11/11/11
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The first thing I would try would be to remove the aerator on the tip of faucet then open the faucet. If you then get good flow you can be assured the aerator is plugged.


11:03AM | 11/13/11
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Looks like it was the aerator. I went and bought a new one that looked identical, screwed it in, but now when i turn the water on full blast, water pours out under my sink. What did i do wrong?


06:14AM | 11/14/11
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It has to do with the rubber washer on the aerator. The old one was still in the faucet, or you simply didn't make it tight enough. Check it out.


09:26AM | 11/14/11
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must be me not making it tight enough, as i tried putting the old one on and same thing, water comes out the top of the aerator and drips underneath the sink as well. i used pliers to make it even tighter than i could with my hands, same result. Do i need to replace the whole faucet or something?


04:38PM | 11/14/11
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I would say the washer isn't right or you left the old one still in there. You shouldn't need pliers to get it off or on if it's right in the first place. Or maybe you squeezed the new one and the old one out of round with the pliers. Gotta be careful. Some things are taken for understood. Sorry.


02:09AM | 01/12/12
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Turn off the water that serves the hot water tap. Remove the handle and use a wrench to remove the stem from the faucet base. The stem will have a plastic cartridge with some o-rings around it or a washer at the bottom that presses against a metal seat inside the faucet tap or galvanized pipes. Material that impedes the flow of water is blocking it from passing through and you can probably find it there and remove it. If you inspect and find nothing at all, it may still have cleared up the problem by dislodging during the procedure you just followed.


12:05PM | 04/28/13
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Larry is 100% correct you should check the spout for part of a flat washer left inside and the new aerator should only be screwwed on hand tight


02:07PM | 07/16/13
just replaced a shower hose which was 8 or 11 mm (im not sure)with 16mm shower hose which cost me 7 pounds from screw fix and the problem is solved..ive got now a much more water pressure
.i was thinking to change the tap which is new and cost 80 pounds but this simple sollution fixed it for me


07:56AM | 07/24/13
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Low pressure bathroom sink faucetis a big problem. If the pressure is very low, than faucet may take long to get the job done. If the pressure is high, we concerned about wasting both water and money.
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