11:19PM | 03/14/12
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If you've got some woodworking skills and want to build a nice rabbit hutch, here is a set of plans for a hutch that I build here in Southern Maryland. It's 5 ft. long and has an enclosed nursing/sleeping area. It also has slide-out dropping pans to make cleaning so much easier. The woodworking plans take you step by step through building the hutch with photos along each step of the way. There are more pictures of the hutch on the webpage. You can get some ideas if you're thinking of designing your own. Comments are welcome here or on the site. The plans are of my own design and can be easily downloaded to your computer.


09:26PM | 04/04/12
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Hutch is looking very nice. But i am thinking of making it on ground to give Rabbits some how a natural atmosphere. Can you give me some tips for it. Specially i am a little worried about their digging habit. How could i bound them to dig only a specific area and they may not exceed their boundaries.


08:59AM | 04/09/12
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I have a couple issues with placing the hutch on the ground. One is using material that will not degrade, rot, or get eaten by termites. Using treated lumber is probably not a good idea since rabbits like to chew and it would make them sick. Placing it at ground level also subjects the rabbits to scary encounters with predators, and a determined fox or coyote will definitely do some damage trying to get in. I know this from experience, and lost a few rabbits that were literally scared to death. Another issue is the droppings. Without a way to keep the hutch area clean, the rabbits will be walking and laying in their droppings. And finally, you are correct about the digging. I am sure without a floor they will quickly dig their way out. They love to dig.
If it's a temporary hutch that you will move around the yard and only keep the rabbits in for short periods, it will probably be okay. These are just a few things to consider if you're building a permanent home and are thinking of putting it on the ground.


09:52AM | 04/09/12
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Oh, i did not think about all these issues. I thought digging could be the only problem. Predators can be avoided by special metal Gauze and the droppings are only outside their holes. I found that they avoid to mess inside their habitats. Mud floor easily absorb their liquid secretions and the solid wastes can be swept out intervaly. What if i give them tunnels made of bricks from where they can not move easily or dig out from them. The only problem in this technique is that insects are produced in bricks underground like cockroaches.


04:21PM | 04/09/12
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I would be careful about putting it on the ground depending on where you live. We had a rabbit hutch years ago that we put on the ground and ended up being torn apart by i think coyotes or racoons. I'd keep them elevated just to be safe


08:13AM | 03/21/13
how to build a rabbit hutch


08:16PM | 03/26/13
So where's the plans?


04:49AM | 03/27/13
i hate misleading dicks, and this author is certainly one. pay for plans wasnt mentioned....


03:22PM | 03/28/13
fkn bullsht


10:50AM | 03/29/13
The plans look great, but I'm not going to pay for plans. I'll find them somewhere else. For free.
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