11:05PM | 02/19/14
We have a home built in 2000 with Semco double hung and casement windows and this is the poorest quality window I have ever seen. In the winter the condensation and frost on the inside is terrible. All the windows are rotting and have mold issue's in the winter. We live in Minnesota and our home was built by Mastercraft, would never replace with Semco!!


04:03PM | 04/01/14
I am a consumer protection attorney working in Washington, DC and Maryland. My firm is investigating Semco windows. It would be helpful to our investigation if we could speak to anyone who has the windows installed in their home or business. If you are willing to have a brief conversation, I can be reached at (202) 789-3960 or by e-mail at [email protected] Thank you in advance for your consideration.
Brendan Thompson


08:11PM | 12/04/14
We had Semco windows installed in 1999 and so far have had 3 shatter. I just noticed the third one today. Asked the carpenter who installed them after the first one shattered, he said maybe our 100+ year old home is settling. Since then, 2 more have shattered. After finding the third one, my husband said it is probably the window, so I checked on-line. Anyone else have problems with shattering? I saw one person post that they had similar problem. We have also had problems with leakage--water pouring into our house when driving rain--I believe the contractor fixed it--after about 10 years.


08:18PM | 12/04/14
Oh, yes--reading more posts. I posted previously about the 3 shattered windows. We also had all 3 storms (1999) rot out and fall apart. All need to be replaced. Thankfully we did not put Semco storms on all of our 30 windows--only did 3. Put Andersons on the rest, and they are holding up beautifully--unlike the rotted Semcos. When I called them all they told me is that they are not using that type of storm any longer--did not offer any credit on replacement storm or anything else.


11:30AM | 04/16/15
I guess that most people who respond or post on these forums have some type of problem. If all those who had positive experiences wrote in it would also be helpful.
I put in SEMCO windows in my new home in 1992. None have leaked and they were installed by the builder. I think poor installation is the problem with most leakage problems. Not to say I haven't had any problems though. After 23 years, all of the hardware on the metal clad casements needs to be replaced. I've raised 4 children and several grandchildren who love to turn the handles.
I would use SEMCO again, but just not use their casements.


10:02PM | 07/05/15
In the future, Check all the painted or stained edges of all of your windows and doors to avoid problems like warping or rot. Wood rot is not a factory problem on windows and doors unless the product is furnished as a finished painted or stained product with a warranty. Most wood windows and doors are furnished as raw wood or primer painted wood and needs to be properly finished in the field with paint or stain that has a warranty. If you follow the direction from the paint company. PPG, Pratt & Lambert, Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams their warranty should cover failures. That is why we have paint companies with warranties.


08:30PM | 07/06/15
I live in a home that has 19 Semco windows and a Semco sliding patio door. My experience with them is that they leak in more than one place. The winter provides plenty of condensation and
ice when the temperatures gets below 20 degrees. I don't humidify the air. I have one Andersen window above the whirlpool tub which should be the highest humidity location in the home but
it is always the driest window and no leaks.


04:27PM | 08/27/15
I'm reading this 6 years after all your posts. I'm a homeowner who knows nothing about windows. I've owned 5 homes. I'm in one now for 7 years, built in 2002 and 1/3 of the windows have rotted sills. All Semco. I've never had a Semco window before and I've never seen rot before.
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