06:56PM | 05/31/13
I have a craftsman garage door opener model #13953673SRT built in 1996 w/ a red/orange LEARN button. It did not come w/ an outdoor keypad and I decided to go buy one now. I found its manual online and shows the compatible keypad is model #53684. I determined this model is no longer made and replaced by model #3050 so I bought this one at my local Sears store. My problem is I followed the instructions w/ the keypad but cannot get it to work. In the process, it also must have cleared my remotes which I'll have to reset. Help!

The steps I followed specifically are... I had the garage door open. I pressed the # and * buttons and waited for the keypad to stop blinking. It did. I pressed my LEARN button and saw the LED light up. I entered a 4 digit PIN and pressed ENTER. At this point, the instructions say my light bulb should blink and if not, press/release ENTER again. The light bulb never blinked. I tried pressing/releasing ENTER again. No blinking. One try, the light was already on. One try, I waited for the light to go out before attempting all of this. One try I tried to make sure I hit ENTER before the LEARN LED light went out. One try after. With all of these tries, I'd eventually press 0, enter my PIN and press ENTER to see if the door would close. Nope.

I found the instructions for the original keypad (53684) and they were different. With it, you entered a PIN, pressed/held ENTER, pressed the LEARN button and then released ENTER. Also, with a premium remote console it says the door should be closed, but I don't have one of these. I tried it w/ the door closed. I also tried following these instructions (e.g., press ENTER, hit LEARN, release ENTER). None of this worked.


07:18PM | 05/31/13
I got it to work. I followed the original instructions (garage door down but unknown if that actually mattered) and at the step where I had to press/release the ENTER button, I had to do so 3-4 times before the light blinked.


02:06AM | 10/17/13
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Thank you. This is the only post I found that works for the Craftsman model # model #139.18795


12:11PM | 08/19/14
yes, you have to keep pressing "enter" key multiple times with the LEARN LED lit. It needed five to six tries before the bulb would blink.


05:58PM | 08/29/14
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12:29PM | 11/27/14
I have the same model, but pressing # * did not make the keypad blink. It did light up. I waited until the light went out, then followed the instructions (press the LEARN button, enter the PIN, and press ENTER on the keypad). The light on the opener blinked and the keys on the keypad lit up and began blinking. I waited until the blinking stopped, then entered the new PIN, pressed ENTER and the door opened as it should.


10:10PM | 01/14/15
Thanks ya'll exactly what I needed for my LiftMaster 877MAX opener and Craftsman motor. You rule!
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